2017 Federal Budget

2017 Pre-Budget Submission

2017 Pre-Budget Submission

CSSA regards the Budget as the primary vehicle for the Government to communicate its commitment to supporting all members of our community and providing a safety net for the most vulnerable.

A Budget that enables social and economic participation of the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society not only brings about social justice and fairness - it also enhances economic growth!

The success of the 2017-18 Budget will be judged by the measures within it which address the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

CSSA urges the Government to focus on investment for long term benefit rather than short term savings. Sound investment in families and children, for example, has demonstrated longer term economic and social benefits to the whole community.

See our pre-budget submission here.

Waiting for the Trickle Down Effect

An Opinion Piece by Fr Frank Brennan

Speaking about the company tax changes which will allow a tax break to corporations with a turnover up to $50 million per annum, Senator Mathias Cormann, the Minister for Finance, told the Senate 'Letting businesses keep a little bit more of their money to reinvest in their future success will help them hire more Australians and pay them better wages over time. That is what this reform is all about.'

Unfortunately, the Minister is not able to share with us any economic modelling to demonstrate how this round of corporate tax cuts will assist.

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Waiting for the Trickle Down Effect