Workplace Giving

If you like what CSSA does and you want to support us in our advocacy and support for disadvantaged and vulnerable people then ask your employer about Workplace Giving.

Did you know that you can make pre-tax donations to CSSA through your payroll?

This provides you with a hassle-free, pre-tax way to support the work of CSSA whilst we benefit from your regular and on-going support.

Your employer (you, if you are self-employed) needs to have a Workplace Giving program in place to enable you to take up the opportunity to give to CSSA in this way.

For Employers:

If you are an Employer and you do not currently provide your staff with an option to donate to charities like CSSA through the Workplace Giving scheme - please consider joining!

Your staff can pledge money to us via payroll.  In doing so, they get the tax benefit of making their donation through this service rather than having to wait until tax time to claim the deduction.

You might even like to consider matching the donations your employees make.  Either 100 per cent or capped but either way - it is a way of showing your staff you support them in the choices they make about which charities they would like their money to support.


All donations to CSSA valued at $2.00 and over are tax deductible.
Please consider supporting us in the work we do.  We work towards achieving a fair and equitable society.  If you support this concept then your donation can help us achieve our shared aspirations.
For more information on how you can donate to CSSA please contact our National Office on 
(02) 6285 1366.
Alternatively you might like to donate directly to one of our member organisations to ensure the continuing provision of the quality services they provide in their local area.  A list of our member organisations can be found here or you can contact our National Office for relevant contact details.