Dunlea Centre - Australia's Original Boys' Town

Dunlea Centre is a voluntary residential school and family preservation program for girls and boys, working intensively with those troubled youth and their families who are at risk of breakdown. We strive to repair that broken bond and help to make the family function again, by working closely with the whole family on the issues that are causing friction. We teach strategies which will give the students a better outcome in social environments, and the families, through counselling, coping mechanisms and alternative behaviours to stop the spiral towards family breakup. Dunlea Centre gives the family the tools towards achieving a better and more positive future. Most of our students are also not coping within a mainstream school setting, and are falling through the cracks. Many have been diagnosed with mental health issues, and many have had a troubled upbringing. Most struggle to deal with their emotions in an acceptable manner. At Dunlea Centre as well as deal with those issues we also provide valuable life skills experiences, including camps, sporting activities, self-esteem, teamwork, anger management programs and educational trips.


Agency Head

Paul Mastronardi, Executive Director


Corner of Waratah & Woronora Roads, Engadine, Sydney, NSW, 2233, Australia


(02) 8508 3900




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