2014 AGM

Notice of CSSA and CSSA Ltd 2014 Annual General Meetings  - Tuesday 21st October 2014 commencing at 3:30pm.  

The Catholic Social Services Australia and Catholic Social Services (Australia) Limited 2014 Annual General Meetings will be held at 3.30pm on Tuesday 21st October 2014  at the Hotel Realm, 18 National Circuit, Barton, Canberra in conjunction with our 2014 Leadership Forum.  

Under existing arrangements, membership of Catholic Social Services Australia Ltd is comprised of Catholic Social Services Australia Board Directors, and they are the only members entitled to vote.  In keeping with recent practice, however, attendance at the Catholic Social Services Australia Limited Annual General Meeting is also open to all.

CSSA AGM documents:

CSSA Ltd documents:

CSSA Board Election: Notice of Two (2) Vacant Member Representative Positions on the Board of Catholic Social Services Australia

In accordance with the Catholic Social Services Australia Constitution and By-Laws Notice is hereby given to Delegates of Member Organisations of two (2) member representative vacancies on the Catholic Social Services Australia Board fromNovember 2014. One of the current Board Directors whose term is about to expire and former Board Members are eligible for re-election for one subsequent term of office.

Call for Nominations to Fill Vacancy 

Nominations of persons to fill this member representative vacancy must be made on the Nomination Form. The Nomination Form is to be completed and returned to the Secretary by post, email or by facsimile as follows:

Chief Executive Office
Catholic Social Services Australia 
PO Box 326
Curtin  ACT  2605

or via Email: marcelle.mogg@cssa.org.au 

or via Fax: (02) 6285 2399 

Nomination Forms must be received by 5:00pm (AEST) Friday, 12th September 2014.

All nominations are to be moved and seconded by a fully financial Ordinary Member Organisation Authorised Delegate as evidenced by signature and agreed to by the nominee as evidenced by his/her signature. The Nominee cannot move or second theirown nomination.

In accordance with the By-Laws, only current, fully financial Ordinary Members are entitled to participate in the nomination and election process.

If an Election is Required

In the event that there are more than two nominations for the two vacant positions, an online election will be held from 26th September 2014 – 3rd October 2014.

All candidates are asked to provide a statement addressing the criteria. This statement should be no more than 300 words and will be circulated by the Secretary to voting delegates ahead of the election.

The results of the election will be announced during the 2014 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 and the appointment will then be recommended to the Australian Bishops for ratification at the November 2014 Plenary Meeting.

Links to various documents relating to the Election: 

A summary of the timelines follows:



15 August

Call for Nominations for  Vacant Position(s) on the CSSA Board

12 September

Closing date for nominations

19 September 

Statements from nominees due

26 September

If required - online election opens

3 October

Voting closes

21 October

Election result announced at CSSA 2014 AGM


Appointments to be ratified by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference at the November 2014 Plenary Meeting


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