Our leadership Forum is over for another year. Thank you to all those members who attended and contributed to a fantastic event.

Thank you to all those members who attended the 2015 Leadership Forum in Canberra.

Over the three days we focussed on the challenges facing social sector agencies. In particular we examined:

  • how we can work effectively to assist people in need
  • the new focus on the individual rather than the community
  • the challenges facing agencies from sector-wide change, and
  • increasing pressure to do more to meet increasingly complex social needs with fewer resources.

It was great to see the energy that our participants bring to the work of social services.  The opportunity the forum gave us to learn from each other and others in the sector was welcome and enormously beneficial.




CSSA would very much appreciate it if you could provide us with feedback on the 2015 Leadership Forum.

We will be sending all Leadership Forum participants an email with a link to online survey in the next few days.  You can also link to the survey here.