A Vote For The Voiceless - a statement by the Catholic Bishops of Australia on the election

Posted 16 May 2016 11:43am

Australia’s Catholic bishops have called for the voices of the thrown-away people to be heard in the long federal election campaign. The bishops today issued a statement on the 2016 Federal Election, addressed to Catholics and all people of goodwill.

“During the long election campaign there will be much talk about the economy and the need for good economic management at a time of some uncertainty”, the Bishops said. “Both sides of politics will state their economic credentials in a bid to win power.

“The economy of course is important and there does need to be sound management. But, as Pope Francis has pointed out, there is also a danger that the economy can become a kind of false god to which even human beings have to be sacrificed.

Find the full statement, including the bishops’ list of some of the people discarded in our 'throwaway culture', at www.catholic.org.au/election

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