CSSA and the ABS survey on same sex marriage

Posted 5 September 2017 12:23pm

CSSA has no formal position on what enrolled voters should say in response to the voluntary survey being conducted by the ABS on whether the Marriage Act should be amended by the Australian Parliament to expand the definition of civil marriage to include a relationship between two persons of the same sex.

CSSA and its members are employers and service providers who happily affirm the dignity, gifts and personal commitments of all our employees and those whom we are privileged to serve.  We never discriminate against persons on the basis of their sexuality or marital status. 

Being a Catholic agency, CSSA operates under the auspices of the Catholic Bishops and accepts Church teaching on theological issues such as the sacramentality of marriage and the limits on what relationships are recognised by the Catholic Church as sacramental marriage.

(Fr Frank Brennan SJ, CEO of CSSA recently preached on this matter. Link to homily below.)


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