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Posted 18 April 2013 12:51pm

Did Tough Love Work For Sole Parents?

"With 63,254 single principal carer parents being transitioned to Newstart, a few hundred finding jobs isn't a great success. Supporting those sole parents to help raise their children to be healthy, happy and successful people would be." Eva Cox, New Matilda.

Pressure on MPs to back disability scheme

"Supporters of the National Disability Insurance Scheme will target Labor MPs in marginal seats to place pressure on the Gillard Government to fully fund the scheme in the May budget." Dan Harrison, Brisbane Times.

Regional areas may get boost from disabilities scheme

"An option allowing people with disabilities to spend their support funding how they see fit - free from the constrains of one agency - could best serve people in regional areas." Ava Benny-Morrison, Gladstone Observer.

NDIS: a new way or more of the same?

"The disability services sector costs Australia billions each year. And, even then not everyone who needs assistance is getting it. Whether the funding of these services comes from the taxpayer or from businesses, the majority of funding of disability support is going to come from someone else's pockets. I used to prefer to have my services paid for from government funding rather than from charitable fundraising because I felt it was less dependent the goodwill of donors. My support should be a human right and not left to the goodwill of donors." David Heckendorf, On Line Opinion.

Indigenous programs on show to nation

"Father Mick Lowcock from the North West Queensland Indigenous Catholic Social Services (NWQICSS) submitted the justice division's model to the Australian Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee yesterday, showing how programs invented in the North West could save State Governments millions of dollars." Hailey Renault with AAP, NorthWest Star .

Inquiry into prevention rather than prison

"A Senate Inquiry in Perth will investigate the potential for justice reinvestment, which involves spending money on crime prevention rather than on building prisons." Steve Cannane, Lateline.

Controls are needed to prevent a generation of problem gamblers

"My bill to introduce restrictions on the promotion of betting odds during sports broadcasts and programs such as The Footy Show has certainly evoked some passionate responses." Richard Di Natale, Sydney Morning Herald.

Red tape puzzles would-be donors

"Australian governments need to relax laws restricting charitable donations or risk losing philanthropic dollars from an increasingly wealthy population." Pia Akerman, The Australian.

Unless you're wealthy, you're not going to like flat taxes

"The flat income tax war comes. When it does, remember what the fight is really about - the wealthiest paying a lot less tax, and a lot fewer services for everyone else." Greg Jericho, The Drum.

Say whatever you like about Thatcher, but keep it civil

"The standing of the present-day political parties and ideologies is built on the public perception of their past heroes and villains." John Warhurst, Sydney Morning Herald.

Positives of discrimination

"What matters most to good community organisations is a deep respect for the human dignity of the people whom they serve, and the determination that this should characterise all their dealings with them." Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street.

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