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Posted 4 May 2015 11:51am




Govt to restrict charity tax concessions

Sky News

With the Budget a little over a week away, the Government has signalled its intentions to restrict certain tax concessions available to charities.

Speaking to Sky News, Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has confirmed the Government is looking to clamp down on the fringe benefits tax exemptions in the not-for-profit sector.

The Assistant Treasurer says as a result of concessions, such as uncapped meal allowances, there have been too many cases of people rorting the system and receiving a tax benefit as a result.

'We are looking at putting a cap on some of those concessions that are available. And that's simply to create a fairer system,' Mr Frydenberg said.


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Job Futures unveils new identity and vision to help Australia's unemployed to change the community development landscape


Sydney, Australia) – From today, Job Futures, Australia’s largest NFP member network of employment service providers, begins its journey to become CoAct, signalling a change in the organisation’s vision for the future and how it impacts Australia’s communities.

The new direction will culminate in the launch of the first CoAct conference in June 2015 with a host of activities planned to shed new light on the community sector and the way in which Australia can approach unemployment and community development.

Matt Little, CEO CoAct, explained the rationale behind the change. “Our mission is to create social and economic opportunities for the disadvantaged, and in the past this has been limited to employment. With the increasingly complex nature of social problems, we know that the way forward is to help people overcome a wide range of barriers by collaborating with partner organisations, building new connections and expanding our member network beyond our traditional boundaries. Our clients will be better served by a broader platform supported by complete collaboration”.

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Parents will be required to work minimum number of hours to receive child care payments, Scott Morrison confirms

Peta Donald - ABC News

Parents will be required to work a certain number of hours to receive child care payments as part of an overhaul of the system, Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed.

The Government is yet to reveal details of the changes, but they could be announced as early as this weekend.

The overhaul is expected to include a single, means-tested rebate and a tougher activity test which requires parents to work a minimum number of hours before they can receive support.

At the moment, there is no minimum requirement.

Mr Morrison said the proposed changes are aimed at restoring integrity to the system and encouraging parents to work — not providing welfare.

"This is [fundamentally about] workforce participation. It's not a welfare payment, it's not a pension or an income support payment or anything like that," he said.

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Nanny subsidy pilot scheme to start in January 2016 to help parents who can't access mainstream childcare services

Kelsey Munro - The SMH

For hundreds of thousands of Australian families, the daily wrestle between work commitments and family life is Sisyphean in its dimensions. Childcare is expensive, and hard to get. Even though the federal government spends $7 billion a year on early childhood services, still there are huge numbers of parents who can't find childcare at a location, price, quality or hours they need, the Productivity Commission reports. The most flexible option, nannies, has always been far beyond the reach of ordinary workers. With a going rate of $20 to $30 an hour, a nanny can quickly cost more than $1000 a week, without the taxpayer assistance that goes to other childcare. As such, a nanny has in Australia seemed a luxury only the very wealthy could afford

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