Daily News - 7 June 2013

Posted 7 June 2013 9:56am

Humour highlights a deadly health issue
Mark Butler, The Daily Telegraph

It's well known Aussie men find it hard to talk about their health.  We'll sweep it under the carpet for months before adminitting there is a problem and doing something about it.

At risk of an asylum seeker underclass
Chris Berg, The Drum

Asylum seeker policies being put forward by the Opposition are a patchwork of initiatives likely to the create resentful underclass that conservative sceptics of immigration worry about.

Community Sector Engagement in Govt Policy Innovation
Pro Bono News

A former head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and founder of the Centre for Social Impact, Professor Peter Shergold has told a national forum that there is a great untapped potential for community organisations and social entrepreneurs to contribute to Australian policy innovation.

Need for a Better Housing Future
Andrew Yule, Anglicare Victoria, Pro Bono News

The shift away from government provision of public housing towards a private market subsidised by government payments for low income earners has been a disaster.

Barriers impede jobseekers
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

New figures show that 76 per cent of the nation's most long-term unemployed -- 86,419 people -- have five or more barriers to employment.

Prove it, if you want a 457 Worker
Daniel Hurst, The Age

Employers wishing to hire foreign workers under the 457 visa scheme would have to prove they had tried to recruit suitably qualified Australians under planned legal changes.

Catholic schools fear federal meddling under Gonski
John Ferguson and Dennis Shanahan, The Australian

THE nation's peak Catholic education body has savaged Labor's Gonski reforms, insisting the legislation be radically altered to rule out federal interference in its schools.

It's the 100 days AFTER the election that matter
Piers Akerman, The Daily Telegraph

Like kids waiting for Christmas, Australians are ticking off the days, ripping pages from the calendar, counting down the sleeps to the September 14 election. Today the election is an aching 99 days away - but at least the countdown is finally in double digit territory.

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