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Posted 18 July 2014 2:37am

One Night Stand’s Jamie Green’s journey from homelessness to social entrepreneur
Wenlei Ma, news.com.au

Two years ago, 25-year old Jamie Green found himself sleeping rough on friends’ couches and on the floor of his floundering cafe. Now he’s running a fledgling social enterprise and giving something back.

Mr Green has been a perennial entrepreneur since he was 17 when he started his own line of jewellery products. A couple more successful enterprises led him to amass the funds for his fourth business, a Melbourne cafe.


Homelessness Agreement Finalised
Pro Bono News

All Australian States and Territories have now signed on to the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness to continue funding for the next 12 months, according to the Federal Government.

This follows the finalisation of agreements with South Australia and Tasmania - the last States to sign the 2014-15 agreement.


NSW - Premier sees results of hard work
Kylie Stevens, Blacktown Sun

Colyton mum Bianca O’Hanlon can now list Premier Mike Baird as one of her customers after she made a coffee for him last week.

The hospitality team leader got a chance to show off her new barista skills during the Premier’s visit to Blacktown to check out Marist Youth Care’s employment programs.


Unemployed, on the spectrum
Charlotte King, ABC

Autism doesn't go away when you turn 18, and with scant services available, these adults often struggle most when it comes to finding a foothold in the workplace.

Chris Brown is 33, and lives in a small unit behind his parent's laundry.

"I watch me TV, listen to me music...do my own washing - what everyone else does every other day."

Mr Brown says he wants to live independently; to buy his own car and live life as an adult away from home.

But to do this, he needs long-term employment - something he's been looking for since he was 17.


Federal changes put thousands of young Victorians at risk of poverty
VCOSS, media release

Tens of thousands of young Victorians will be left jobless, without assistance to find work and at increased risk of homelessness under federal government changes to the social support system, leaving the Victorian Government needing to fill the gap, warns a coalition of community services and welfare organisations.


New work for dole begins
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian ($)

Hundreds of young unemployed people have started work-for-the-dole activities under the Abbott government’s welfare reforms.

The program is being rolled out in 18 areas including Richmond, Tweed, Ballina, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and the Clarence Valley in NSW. Across the country, 40,000 young unemployed people who have claimed Newstart or Youth Allowance are being shifted on to the program for up to 15 hours a week.


Family violence lobby joins court reform push
Nicola Berkovic, The Australian ($)

Domestic violence advocates have backed calls for changes to the way courts approach serious family violence, with some calling for a separate tribunal to handle such cases and others calling for more help for women to navigate the system.

Their calls for change come after Josh Pascoe, the chief judge of the Federal Circuit Court, which handles the majority of family law cases, called for a separate, less formal tribunal for ­serious domestic violence cases.


Senate committee calls on government to halt childcare budget cuts
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian ($)

A Senate committee looking into childcare has called on the Abbott government to stop its budget cuts on childcare and to continue the national quality framework.

The Education and Employment References Committee has handed down two reports, one on the delivery of quality and affordable early childhood education and care services and another on the immediate future of the sector.


Report: Delivery of quality and affordable early childhood education and care services
Senate Education and Employment References Committee

On 12 December 2013, the Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee for inquiry and report by 17 June 2014


Report: The immediate future of the childcare sector in Australia
Senate Education and Employment References Committee

On 12 December 2013, the Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Education and Employment References Committee for inquiry and report.


Liberal frontbenchers sour on Joe Hockey after threat to order spending cuts
Mark Kenny and James Massola, The Age

Joe Hockey's threat to bypass the Senate by ordering spending cuts outside of parliamentary approval has touched off a new Labor scare campaign and sparked concerns within the government over the Treasurer's judgment.

With voters offside and crossbench senators showing no signs of complying with unpopular budget measures, some Liberals complained that the Treasurer's move had ''predictably'' brought the opposite effect, branding his threat to cut other spending ''unwise''.


Bravehearts launches White Balloon Day
Whyalla News

Bravehearts Inc is calling on the community to help protect local children affected by sexual assault.

As part of its White Balloon Day campaign, Bravehearts Inc is encouraging Whyalla residents to save the date and join the rest of the country in recognising the day on September 12.

... Whyalla Centacare office manager Michele Wachla said Centacare encouraged the Whyalla community to get involved.

"We're really supportive of every event that promotes the safety and wellbeing of children," she said.


Catholic Archbishop says abuse victims are 'the new missionaries'
David Ellery, The Canberra Times

Archbishop Christopher Prowse does not know how the Catholic Church may move forward in the wake of its recent sex abuse scandals but he is convinced the victims will be a part of any solution.

“We are going through an unprecedented crisis in the Catholic church,” he said this week. “There is so much shame, there is so much humiliation with the criminal acts of some of us [that] for us to stand alongside victims, to encourage them to come forward and to listen to their story, is absolutely imperative.”

... “In the midst of all that there can be encounters with God at levels we have never imagined,” he said. “I was out this morning with CatholicCare and they were taking me around some of the homeless areas here in Canberra where the Catholic Church provides accommodation.

“It is interesting to see just how open people are, in the midst of their homelessness, to find a home starting in their heart through the care and compassion of others.”


US - Catholic Funder Insists on Grantees Severing Ties with Organizations which Support Marriage Equality
Rick Cohen, Non Profit Quarterly

Last year, Pope Francis shook up the public with what’s now an amazingly famous quote in response to a reporter’s question: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” While there have been multiple interpretations of what the Pope meant and even what he was responding to in specific, the statement nonetheless represented in many the hope of a softer, more human, more open attitude of the Catholic hierarchy toward LGBT persons.

While the Pope and the Vatican might (or might not) be more open to LGBT populations, U.S. Catholic bishops appear unmoved in their strictures around funding denials for groups that have any association with the concept of marriage equality. Writing for Street Roots News, Joanne Zuhl reports that the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project, a day laborer organization in Portland, Oregon, turned down a $75,000 grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development because CCHD would have required Voz to drop its affiliation with the National Council of La Raza.

The reason? NCLR supports marriage equality.


Calls to ‘Demythologise’ Social Enterprise
Pro Bono News

A national conference has been told it’s time to debunk myths around social enterprise - given risk and recognition remain major barriers.

A panel discussion at the recent Social Enterprise Masters conference in Melbourne tackled perceptions and misconceptions around social enterprise - from the perspective of the government and social sectors.


Is your comms team spending too much time on social media customer support?
David Hancock, Smart Company

Most businesses’ social media strategies begin life in the communications department, but there can come a time when your comms team needs to stop acting as a de facto customer help desk.


Charity Boards Must Be Social Media Savvy - Report
Pro Bono News

Australian charity boards need to significantly increase their understanding of social media in order to manage organisational opportunities, risks, funding and strategic goals, according to a new report.

The report from business advisory firm Grant Thornton, Growing communities: How charity leaders govern social media globally to thrive online, interviewed charity Chief Executives on the use of social media.

The report features interviews with charities in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and US, and reveals a need for greater board-level understanding of social media.

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