Daily News - Friday 20 December 2013

Posted 20 December 2013 9:31am

Election promises run into budget reality

Dennis Shanahan, The Australian

THE reality of Joe Hockey's budget horror story this week is colliding with the political promises Tony Abbott and his colleagues made before the September 7 election.

Large majority of abuse cases not reported to Rome


The 'overwhelming majority' of clerical sex abuse cases are not reported to Rome because the Vatican wants to know only about incidents from the past 10 years, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard yesterday.

The Top NFP Stories for 2013

ProBono News

It was a very big news year for the Australian Not for Profit sector and as 2013 comes to a close, Pro Bono Australia looks back at the year that was and what made the biggest headlines.

Refugee health a matter of rights, not immigration

Nicholas Talley and Kate Napthali, The Australian

AS doctors, we are duty-bound to advocate for the health needs of the most vulnerable among us, particularly those who may not have a voice of their own, such as asylum-seekers in detention.

Grattan on Friday: What will they all be thinking come Christmas?

Michelle Grattan, The Conversation

2013 has been a red letter year in national politics, with three prime ministers - one the first female in the office - the second successful coup against a PM in three years, and a change of government.

Survey prompts call for 'real equality'

Chris Merritt, The Australian

FAMILY Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant has urged the nation's law firms to address the deterioration in the number of women at the most senior levels of the private profession.

Julie Bishop under fire for praising conditions on Nauru

David Wroe, The Canberra Times

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has come under fire for praising conditions for asylum seekers held on Nauru after it was claimed she visited only staff housing, not the detainees' tent accommodation.

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