Daily News - Friday 21 February 2014

Posted 21 February 2014 9:03am



Welfare system needs root and branch reform: Mission Australia

Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

WELFARE recipients must have more regular assessments to address changes in their personal circumstances that require different levels of support, the country's largest welfare organisation has told the Abbott government's review of the sector.

Bipartisan brutality is morally bankrupt

Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald

Onshore detention once ended in dysfunction and violence. That is now the future on Manus Island.

Feds Initiate NDIS Workforce Strategy

ProBono Australia

The Coalition Government is to begin a workforce development strategy for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Morrison's law of intended consequences

Tony Kevin, Eureka Street

The news from Manus Island is dreadful. We know that at least one asylum seeker has died as a result of injuries sustained in disturbances over the past three days. 

WA distraction to test Coalition numbers

Barrie Cassidy, The Drum

The fresh Senate vote may bruise the Abbott Government, but it could bounce back with state election wins and secure wall-to-wall Coalition governments.

Some not-for-profits should try a more charitable approach

Jane Fynes-Clinton, The Courier Mail

I AM over the hard sell and the puppy dog eyes.  I struggle to be polite when I say, not for the first time, that I don’t want to buy raffle tickets, or a badge, or a paper outline of something or other with my name on it to stick on the supermarket window.

Childcare plan a trap for families

The Australian

WOMEN will be forced into debt and discouraged from working according to Labor, feminists and the childcare sector, who strongly oppose a business group’s proposal for HECS-style loans for childcare fees.

Your say: living through drought


What is it like to watch your area succumb to drought, and how do you plot a course through a natural disaster that has no real start and end point? The ABC asked people dealing with drought conditions to tell their stories; here is a selection of the responses.



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