Daily News - Friday 21 March 2014

Posted 21 March 2014 9:26am



National Disability Insurance Scheme faces delay following 'rushed' launch

Birdie Jabour, The Guardian

Staff lacked support and had spent all their effort on trial phase alone, report finds. 

Refugee Tri Nguyen marches on Canberra with a boat and a message

Carolyn Webb, The Age

Tri Nguyen is walking from Melbourne to Canberra towing a wooden boat in his own quiet plea for better treatment of asylum seekers.

O'Farrell government ignored consultants' advice on plan to sell public housing at Millers Points

Nicole Hasham, Leesha McKenny, The Sydney Morning Herald

The O'Farrell government ignored advice from its own consultants on how to evict vulnerable tenants from Millers Point public housing with minimal damage to their health and wellbeing.

Treasury slashing one in three positions, says Martin Parkinson

Noel Towell, The Canberra Times

The Treasury Department plans to cut one in three of its public service positions by 2017 and the department's boss confirmed on Thursday that the task was already half done.

Colleen the 'travelling teapot' caravan builds community spirit in Adelaide's suburbs

Simon Royal, The ABC

The homespun philosophy that any problem can be eased with a nice cup of tea has been adopted by a welfare agency to bring communities together.

George Pell has held views on suing Catholic church 'for some time'

AAP, The Guardian

Private secretary tells royal commission that it was always taken for granted that church could be sued over child sex abuse.

Cost of Abbott government's orange lifeboats to tow back asylum seeker trebles to $7.5 million

Sarah Whyte, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Abbott government has tripled the amount of money spent on the large orange lifeboats used to tow back asylum seekers breaching Australian waters to Indonesia to $7.5 million as part of its tough border control policy.

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