Daily News - Friday 31 January 2014

Posted 31 January 2014 9:16am

Somali asylum seeker claims he was sprayed in eyes by Australian Navy; Government says claims of abuse 'baseless'

George Roberts, The ABC

New details have emerged about asylum seeker claims that Australian sailors mistreated them during a boat interception operation earlier this month.

Without welfare, my life would be different. Maybe yours too

Matt Cowgill, The Guardian

No one ever ran a front page story to announce the fact that a single mum was able to buy school shoes thanks to welfare, but those hidden human stories are out there and too often forgotten.

Asylum-seekers' real stories revealed

Peter Alford, The Australian

TWO Somalis at the centre of grave allegations against the Australian navy in recent turn-back operations admit their burns were sustained during clashes with the sailors, who in one case had been forced to prevent asylum-seekers scuttling their boat. 

Location in marginal seat a struggling company's best argument for government aid

Brian Robins, The Age

In August, during the federal election campaign, then opposition leader Tony Abbott said that when in government he would lend $16 million to British chocolate company Cadbury to secure jobs in Tasmania. 

Racial radicalism and the moderating middle

Jonathon Green, The Drum

That same middle ground inertia that keeps us from dealing with the serious issues that confront us may at least do us the great favour of keeping racial radicalism at bay.

Labor leader Bill Shorten urges UK to make disability reform 'the next revolution'

Katharine Murphy, The Guardian

Westminister speech calls on British counterparts to seize chance 'to change your country, forever and for the better.'

Children and human rights abuses: coming to an international stage?

Paula Gerber, The Conversation

For the first time, children will soon be able to bring complaints of human rights violations to the United Nations. 

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