Daily News - Friday 4 April 2014

Posted 4 April 2014 2:27pm

Children in detention centres: Human Rights Commission begins inquiry into children's wellbeing

ABC news

The Human Rights Commission has begun its public hearings, which will examine the impact of detention on children's mental health, rates of self-harm and how children are being assessed before being sent offshore.

The commission's president, Professor Gillian Triggs, recently visited Christmas Island with two child health experts, and told the inquiry 300 children are missing out on an education.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Government would welcome decision by Cambodia to accept asylum seekers

ABC news

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is in Cambodia, where he has held talks with the country's interior minister to follow up on an earlier request for the country to help resettle asylum seekers.

Mr Abbott says any cooperation or support Cambodia could provide would be appreciated.


Support for disability scheme pushed to limit

Opinion: The Australian ($)

An independent review of the NDIS had on its cover an aircraft flying at cloud level that was only three-quarters built.

The illustration was to match the review’s fundamental finding that the National Disability Insurance Agency “is like a plane that took off before it had been fully built and is being completed while it is in the air ... and has less scale and capability to do the in-air build and redesign as well as to prepare for next phases”.


National Capital First for Full NDIS

Pro Bono

The Australian Capital Territory will be the first jurisdiction in Australia to roll out the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to include all eligible people with disability by July 1.


Independent Schools Victoria slams Gonski education funding model

Sydney Morning Herald

The new Gonski schools funding model is ''quite wrong'' and will concentrate disadvantage, Victoria's independent school association says.

Matthew Ryan, a consulting economist speaking on behalf of Independent Schools Victoria, said the funding model created a ''perverse incentive'' for low-socio-economic schools to attract more students from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Old School Marketing Vs New School Thinking

Opinion: Pro Bono

Charities need to embrace a digital-centric approach to ALL their activities, or they risk getting left behind by their donors, argues digital marketing experts Richenda Vermeulen and Prarthana Holburn. 

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