Daily News - Friday 7 February 2014

Posted 7 February 2014 9:38am

Govt Must Slash Charity Regulator – Report

ProBono News

The Abbott Government must remain firm in its pledge to abolish the charities commission and reduce red tape in the Not for Profit sector, according to a highly critical report by The Centre for Independent Studies.

PM pledges drought aid

Colin Bettles, The Land

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has indicated he’s looking at bringing forward new drought support measures that are due to start on July 1, to provide income support payments to struggling farmers.

Spending public money: how do your views stack up?


Where do you stand on the direction of the country, priorities for government spending and taxation? 

Queensland's tough new youth crime laws spark plea for UN intervention

Bridie Jabour, the Conversation

Young offenders’ names would be published, detention would no longer be a last resort and 17-year-olds would move to adult jails.

Where is the government's new line in the sand on industry handouts?

Lenore Taylor, The Guardian

The government needs to be consistent on which struggling industries should get assistance and in what circumstances.

Charities plead for help for families to meet school costs


A COALITION of charities and service providers has united to demand the State Government retain cash help for battler families to meet spiralling school costs.

Deciphering capitalism's corrupt metaphors

David James, Eureka Street

George Orwell in his book Animal Farm famously parodied the vicious use of language in communist states.

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