Daily News - Friday 7 March 2014

Posted 7 March 2014 9:29am



Manus Island riots: Staff given two-page guide on how to deal with questions from asylum seekers

Michael Brissenden, The ABC

The contractor charged with the provision of physical and mental health care to asylum seekers on Manus Island has issued staff with a two-page guide on dealing with questions about the detainees' fears for their personal safety, living conditions and human rights.

Australians 'living beyond our means', says Gina Rinehart

The Sydney Morning Herald

Gina Rinehart has taken aim at Australia's welfare system and its recipients, saying it is sending the country further into debt.

Rebuff to Church Offer for Child Asylum Seekers

ProBono News

The Federal Government has turned down an offer from the Uniting Church in Australia for sanctuary for children without parents held on Christmas Island and destined for a life on Nauru.

Newspoll shows health, work top voters’ concerns

Denis Shanahan, The Australian

VOTERS have become far more concerned about health, education, Medicare and jobs since the election but are far less concerned about asylum-seekers arriving in Australia.

Canberra Archbishop says Pope will not change gay union stance

Cath News

Pope Francis has likely not signalled a new acceptance of civil unions by the Catholic Church, the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn says.

Psychiatrist says borderline personality disorder sufferers need targeted treatment

Alex Mann, The ABC

Recommendations made in two damning reports into Australia's ability to treat patients with borderline personality disorder (BDP) have been ignored for two years by state and federal governments.

Eviction from the middle class: how tenuous jobs penalise women

Veronica Sheen, The Conversation

Treasurer Joe Hockey wants a new debate about pushing the pension eligibility age beyond 67. This could provide fresh challenges for people who have been evicted from the middle class by midlife.

Francis flags bigger church role for women

Deborah Ball

THE Vatican could soon make significant changes to the role of women in the Catholic Church and to its approach to divorcees, Pope Francis says.

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