Daily News - Monday 10 February 2014

Posted 10 February 2014 9:13am

Victorian bushfires: Threats continue despite cooler conditions

Caroline Zielinski

Bushfires will continue to rage across Victoria on Monday, despite milder overnight conditions temporarily easing the danger.

Flash-flood warning issued to Mackay residents after 113mm rainfall over weekend

Rhian Deutrom and Samantha Healy, The Courier Mail

WHILE Victorian emergency crews concentrated on fire, it was flood that held the attention of their Queensland peers.

Employer group warns against 'slash-and-burn' budget

Gareth Hutchens, James Massola, The Age

One of the country's biggest employer groups is warning the Abbott government not to make severe budget cuts this year, saying a serious "fiscal consolidation" risks making an already-weak economy worse over the next 12 months.

Residents ready to run as reignited Bangor scrub fire in southern Flinders Ranges threatens townships

Tessa Akerman, The Advertiser

THE Bangor fire in SA’s Mid-North - which has covered more than 10,000 hectares since Saturday - is heading towards the Wirrabara township.

Cheers to the 'Charity Navigator Model'

Helen Rittelmeyer, The Centre for Independent Studies

Keeping government regulation to a minimum is even more important for charities than it is for other sectors.

The age pension is no con job, though super concessions may well be

Emily Millane, The Age

Try seeing a heart specialist with $39 to spend on health a week. Or paying for all your week's groceries with $76. The age pension won't let you do that.

Getting the message straight on industry policy

Barrie Cassidy, The Drum

Tony Abbott allowed his strong argument in favour of ending industrial subsidies to become an attack on the conditions of low-paid factory workers. 

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