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Posted 23 February 2015 3:09pm



Youth unemployment hits a new high as people locked out of workforce

Rachel Browne - The SMH

Working up a sweat on a hot and dusty building site in Sydney's south-west, 16-year-old school-leavers James Cipollino and Zaia Yelda can't believe their luck.

The pair have just scored their first job, doing maintenance tasks for building company, SR Construction.

With many of their friends out of work, James and Zaia are both keen to develop basic skills that will lead to better prospects. James, of Bankstown, would like to become an apprentice scaffolder or roofer while Zaia, who lives in Fairfield, is interested in carpentry.

"It's hard to find work when you don't really know how to get a foot in the door," James said.

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Unemployment can change your personality


That’s the finding revealed in a paper from a collective of researchers in the UK.

Personality Change Following Unemployment showed being unemployed for a year or longer sours your personality to make you a less appealing and less employable the longer you are without work.

Christopher J Boyce, PhD, of the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom found results challenged the idea personalities were ‘fixed’ and showed external factors such as unemployment could have large impact on personality.

“This indicates that unemployment has wider psychological implications than previously thought.” apa.org reported.

A sample of 6,769 German adults (3,733 men and 3,036 women) were tested. Out of this, 210 were unemployed.

The survey looked at five key personality traits including conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness, extroversion and openness.

Men who were unemployed for more than two years were more agreeable than those men who had not been unemployed.
After two years they were less agreeable, and women were less agreeable after one year.

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Jennifer Kaeshagen sets up The First Nations Homelessness Project

Gerry Georgatos - The Stringer

The Stringer is not just your average news site. Founded by Jennifer Kaeshagen, The Stringer coordinates advocacy in addition to its news reporting, features and opining.

Ms Kaeshagen late last year made a personal commitment to attempt to house over the course of 2015 one hundred First Nations people experiencing homelessness in Perth, Western Australia. Without delay she launched The First Nations Homelessness Project. On track to housing 100 people, seven weeks into this year she has found homes for 12 people.

A 52 year old gentleman was today found accommodation, becoming the 12th person housed this year by Ms Kaeshagen. Ms Kaeshagen whipped up a social media campaign, put the alert out through networks. A camper van was donated by kind souls. Next week the generous couple will assist in setting it up.

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Catholic executed by Indonesia without last rites: priest

Adam Withnall - Sunshine Coast Daily

A Brazillian man who was executed by firing squad in Indonesia last month was dragged screaming and crying from his cell and refused access to a priest for his last rites, it has been claimed.

In the latest damaging revelation for diplomacy between the two countries, the man who was supposed to provide comfort to Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira was barred from doing so at the last minute.

Instead, the convicted drug offender was left weeping right "up to his last minutes", according to a horrific account of the incident given by Father Charles Burrows to Fairfax Media.

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