Daily News - Monday 3 March 2014

Posted 3 March 2014 9:00am



Fed govt boosts pension payment


THE federal government has announced a boost to pension payments to help 3.6 million pensioners keep pace with rising living costs.

Amid all the dirt, where’s the moral compass?

Denis Shanahan, The Australian

AFTER three days of federal parliament wallowing in the grubby and exaggerated politics of corruption, ministerial misdeeds, point-scoring and calculated attempts to damage credibility for longer-term political gain, Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt pinpointed the heart of the issue this week when he asked: “Where is parliament’s moral compass?"

'Francis is different, he means it': Cardinal Pell

Cath News

'Pope Francis is very different,' says Cardinal Pell. 'Not only does he mean it, but he has the capacity to get it done.'

Parties prepare arsenal for jobs war

Paula Mattewson, The Drum

With three elections coming up and all the talk of jobs, jobs jobs, both major parties will engage in negative campaigning and try to pin the blame for unemployment on their opponent.

If G4S is to blame for Manus violence, the government has blood on its hands

Katherine Fallah, The Guardian

The private security firm's alleged role in the Manus riots will not surprise anyone familiar with the history of serious abuse allegations faced by the company, from South Africa to the UK.

Rudd’s housing gift to students

Rick Wallance, The Australian

KEVIN Rudd’s flagship social housing scheme - designed to help low-income Australians afford homes closer to their workplace - has become a windfall for universities with international students.

Jobs and unemployment: What's the real story in Tasmania?

Fact Check, The ABC

As Tasmania's March 15 election nears, the Government and Opposition are ramping up their rhetoric on jobs.

Victoria a true leader in mental health reform

Leslie Cannold, The Drum

Victoria's new Mental Health Act will move it from the back of the human rights bus to a leader in individually-empowering patient care.


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