Daily News - Monday 7 April 2014

Posted 7 April 2014 11:24am

Funding for Mental Health

Department of Health

The Australian Government has provided $170 million for the continuation of 150 programs as part of its ongoing commitment to mental health.


WA Senate result puts Clive Palmer in box seat

Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister Tony Abbott faces three years of horse trading to get his legislation through the Senate following a Western Australian poll that featured a swing of about 5 per cent against both major parties.


Institute of Public Affairs calls for the abolition of the minimum wage

Ben Schneiders, Sydney Morning Herald

The Institute of Public Affairs - a think tank well connected within the Liberal Party - has proposed that Australia's minimum wage be abolished.


Harsh home truths for returned asylum seekers

Paul White, Eureka Street

Returnees to the Congo have been harassed, imprisoned and tortured by state authorities. Some have disappeared altogether. Forced returnees to Sri Lanka are routinely detained and quite often suffer torture. Hazaras returned to Afghanistan are persecuted due to their ethnicity and their adherence to the Shi'a sect. Australia continues to forcibly return asylum seekers, placing them in tremendous danger, ignoring a 2000 Senate Committee recommendation.


Early intervention saves money (just give it time)

Eamon Waterford, The Drum

Social ills like criminal behaviour, incarceration, unemployment and homelessness can end up costing billions - which makes early intervention to avoid them look cheap, writes Eamon Waterford.


Race, votes and free speach

Opinion: David Marr, the Saturday Paper

Gutting the Racial Discrimination Act isn’t about free speech or vindicating a star News Corp columnist. Not really. It’s a clever gambit to persuade a slice of the electorate that Tony Abbott is running a government after their own hearts – one that understands, even respects, what they feel about Aborigines, immigrants, Muslims and boat people.

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