Daily News - Pat Power on abuse, Abbott's challenge & more

Posted 6 June 2013 7:34am

Bishop Pat Power has thrown his support behind a petition calling for the Pope to address the systemic causes of abuse in the Catholic Church.

Australian economy hit by slowing growth
Glenda Kwek, Sydney Morning Herald

Clouds are massing on Australia's economic horizon after new data showed a sharper-than-expected slowdown in GDP growth over the year to March.

For Abbott, winning's the easy bit
Nikki Savva, The Australian

One complaint about Abbott is that his inner circle too often comprises only two people - him and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, a one-woman version of the Praetorian Guard, who is married to the party's federal director, Brian Loughnane, which adds another layer of complication and potential conflict.

Homelessness report: fall in rough sleepers but overall number of homeless rises
Naomi Woodley, ABC

Welfare groups says a new report that shows homelessness is growing in Australia must prompt all governments to work harder towards establishing a new national funding agreement to tackle the problem.

Social Benefit Bond Raises $7M
Pro Bono News

Not for Profit organisation, Social Ventures Australia has raised $7 million for Australia’s first social benefit bond - well ahead of schedule.

US - The Hottest Trend for Wealthy Do-Gooders
Sophie Quinton, National Journal

Can capitalism be the solution for easing pressing social problems? These days, the concept of "impact investing" is all the rage among high-powered do-gooders. It's an emerging field that allows investors to make money and make a difference at the same time.

Charities rescue food
Peter Lewis, Lateline, ABC

Our eyes are clearly bigger than our stomachs, judging by the four million tonnes of food Australians buy and throw out. That's $8 billion worth of landfill, and what's worse is that's happening as an increasing number of Australians go hungry.

UK - Allowing children to grow up in poverty remains a false economy
Donald Hirsch, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

UK researchers estimate that child poverty costs the economy at least about 1 per cent of GDP, in terms of the unemployment and low earnings eventually experienced by its victims.

On writing and social justice: a reflection
Neil Boyack, Overland

Many of the families I work with are stuck, and have been stuck ever since they can remember. There’s a generation of kids coming through our world without maths, only being able to read road signs, their sense of control coming through violence or aggression, or in some cases extreme-passivity in league with predators.

A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse
David Graeber, The Baffler

What would happen if we stopped acting as if the primordial form of work is laboring at a production line, or wheat field, or iron foundry, or even in an office cubicle, and instead started from a mother, a teacher, or a caregiver? We might be forced to conclude that the real business of human life is not contributing toward something called “the economy” (a concept that didn’t even exist three hundred years ago), but the fact that we are all, and have always been, projects of mutual creation.

Rich, Catholic Countries Are The Most Accepting Of Gays
Josh Barro, Business Insider

Are you gay? If you want to be accepted, your best bet is a rich country full of Catholics.

Petition calls on Pope to address abuse issues
Stephanie Anderson, Canberra Times

Bishop Pat Power has thrown his support behind a petition calling for the Pope to address the systemic causes of abuse in the Catholic Church.

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