Daily News - Thursday 13 March 2014

Posted 13 March 2014 9:10am



Tony Abbott assures homeless charities 'we won't let people down'

Judith Ireland, The Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sent a calming message to states and charities worried about funding for homelessness programs, insisting "we aren't going to let people down".

A daunting task or radical opportunity? The Catholic Church’s challenges in Australia

Joel Hodge, The Conversation

With the recent appointment of Cardinal George Pell to Rome, the Catholic Church in Australia will lose a dominant figure. While there are criticisms, his influence and legacy are broad ranging.

Ken Henry slams Tony Abbott plans on NDIS

Sid Maher, The Australian

The budget lacked the strength to support new social policies such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme or the paid parental leave scheme without major tax reform, former Treasury secretary Ken Henry said last night.

Victoria's child welfare commissioner, Bernie Geary, to investigate paedophile rings exploiting kids in state care

Dan Oakes, The ABC

The man appointed by the Victorian Government to monitor the welfare of children in the state will launch an investigation into the exploitation of children in government care by paedophile rings.

Chords of community in a country church protest song

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

When local churches are sold or demolished by outside authorities there is always local opposition.

Govt Consultation on Revised NFP Tax Conditions

ProBono News

The Coalition Government has begun community consultations on draft legislation and regulations on the special conditions for tax concessions for Not for Profits and charities including the “in Australia” condition.

The real politics of the possible

Jonathan Green, The Drum

Politicians have the power to eliminate the most egregious examples of social disadvantage, but instead they spend their time dealing with issues over which they have little control.


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