Daily News - Thursday 14 November 2013

Posted 14 November 2013 8:01am

Debate surrounds the headspace model of mental health services
Jill Stark, Sydney Morning Herald

Division within the sector is not just about what works, it's partly fuelled by the politics of change. Just as Jeff Kennett raised the profile of beyondblue as its outspoken chairman, galvanising political and public support for tackling depression, Patrick McGorry has almost single-handedly thrust youth suicide and mental illness into the limelight. It's won him international plaudits and garnered unprecedented local funding to help young people. But just like Kennett, it's made him enemies.

Mental health stigma still affecting Australian workers, with research showing 4 in 10 hide depression from employers
Matthew Grimson, ABC

Four out of 10 Australians who take sick leave for depression keep it hidden from their employer, with almost half fearing their job would be compromised if they revealed their illness.

Race irrelevant to welfare: Pearson
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

Cape York indigenous leader Noel Pearson has used a keynote speech lauding Gough Whitlam's contribution to Aboriginal rights to declare that race and indigeneity should be irrelevant to matters of "public welfare and government assistance".

UK - What charities should watch out for in Payment by Results contracts
Ruth Breidenbach-Roe, NCVO

This week we published our report ‘Payment by Results contracts: a legal analysis of terms and process’. It presents the findings from a review carried out by solicitors at BWB of a sample of Payment by Results (PbR) contracts held by voluntary sector providers.

The report identifies some crucial flaws in PbR contracts—poorly designed targets, commercially unfeasible payments, unstable allocation of risk—and provides guidance to commissioners to address these failings.

UK - Is it reasonable to expect small voluntary organisations to demonstrate their impact?
Karl Wilding, NCVO

Is it reasonable to expect small voluntary organisations to demonstrate their impact? This was a question I was mulling on the train to Cambridge this morning, where I presented at Cambridge CVS‘ AGM.

US - Everyone's Talking About This Simple Solution To Ending Poverty By Just Giving People Free Money
Danny Vinik, Business Insider Australia

A simple idea for eliminating poverty is garnering greater attention in recent weeks: automatically have the government give every adult a basic income.

Church's family reality check
Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

The invitation by the Vatican to lay Catholics to offer their views on the family to the coming Synod is welcome. It is an understandably awkward first step, but the document that accompanies the discussion questions shows the need for wide consultation. The document illuminates by its silences as well as by its words the immense challenges the Synod faces.

Archbishop apologises for Catholic Church's handling of sexual abuse
Emma Alberici, Lateline, ABC

The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Dennis Hart has apologised for the church's treatment of child sexual abuse cases.

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