Daily News - Thursday 16 January 2014

Posted 16 January 2014 9:01am

Surgery prescribed for budget

David Crowe, The Australian

URGENT reform will be needed to prepare the nation for another global economic shock, according to a dire warning from Tony Abbott's Commission of Audit that clears the way for severe cuts in the May budget

More power cuts on cards as south-east Australia sizzles in heatwave


Residents in Victoria and South Australia are facing the prospect of further power cuts as a scorching heatwave keeps the country's south-east sweltering.

The Charity Ball

Gary Johns,  Policy Magazine

Charities chase government money, and governments chase charity approbation. There is a better way.

The family trap: how the Royal Commission is missing many abuse cases

Background Briefing

It's the institution in which the vast majority of child sexual abuse occurs but the victims won’t be able to tell their stories at the current Royal Commission.

Australia's budget is deteriorating, says commission of audit head

Daniel Hurst, The Guardian

Tony Shepherd tells Senate inquiry that audit will be guided by 'fairness', not government orders.

Talking to kids about emotions matters more than you think

Brad Farrant, The Conversation

Pop culture parenting styles like “Helicopter” and “Snowplow” have received a lot of recent media attention. Such coverage tends to overlook the findings of decades of parenting research.

'Herd' of a felfie?

Peter Gunders, ABC

Farmers hit the spotlight in latest internet meme.

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