Daily News - Thursday 20 February 2014

Posted 20 February 2014 9:20am



Social justice with a smile

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

Some named days are warm and fuzzy. Think of Mothers Day. Others are hard edged, among them World Day of Social Justice, which we celebrate this week.

Forget debt - it's our jobs we're worried about

Peter Lewis and Jackie Woods, The Drum

For all the debate about debt and taxes, polling shows one issue reigns supreme when it comes to economic management: employment.

Immigration privacy breach 'outrageous' as asylum seeker details published online

Judith Ireland, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Privacy Commissioner and the Immigration Department have launched investigations into how details of thousands of asylum seekers in Australia were inadvertently made accessible online.

When Australia stops the boats, you can't ignore the wave of human misery

Lenore Taylor, The Guardian 

Despite being so far out of sight, what happens to the 1340 men on Manus remains Australia’s legal and moral responsibility.

Medicare plans: Health Minister Peter Dutton flags overhaul, calls for discussion on GP co-payments


Health Minister Peter Dutton has flagged an overhaul of Medicare, suggesting Australians who can afford it should pay more for their healthcare.

Death of National Drought Policy takes us back to policy on the run

Linda Botterill, The Conversation

Australia’s National Drought Policy, introduced in 1992 and recognised internationally as world’s best practice, now appears to be dead.

ACNC Discretionary Move on Annual Reports

ProBono News

Charities can submit their annual financial reports already lodged with State regulators under a discretionary decision by the charity regulator, the ACNC. 


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