Daily News - Thursday 28 November 2013

Posted 28 November 2013 7:37am

Poor mental state is a national disgrace
Allan Fels, The Australian

Australia needs to find a better way to support good mental health and recovery based on early intervention and investment in social supports and services across people's lives.

NSW - Millions cut from Sydney homeless services

Millions of dollars will be cut from homeless services in Sydney under a "needs-based" funding model that attempts to stop the drift of people into the city.

It’s time we incentivised affordable housing investment
Julie Lawson, The Conversation

First home buyers are slipping in the ranks of Australians purchasing a home, and once again negative gearing and supply issues are back in the spotlight.

Kevin Andrews - Address to the National Housing Conference (1 Nov 2013)
Kevin Andrews

Many of you would have seen recent reports regarding the Prime Minister’s Council on Homelessness. The government will be winding down the operations of this Council. Working collaboratively with stakeholders and industry is critical, but under this Council’s watch, homelessness has increased. I am currently considering what forum or engagement model might be best to provide sector-based advice on social and welfare issues.

Seminar: housing and the new Charities Bill
Community Housing Federation of Australia

An important seminar on housing and the new Charities Bill will be held in Melbourne on 5 December 2013. Charitable tax status is a critical component in the business model for community housing providers, and this seminar will illuminate the key concerns with the new Act as well as provide clarification and guidance on the interpretation of appropriate housing activities. This seminar is being co-sponsored by CHFA, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, and the Australian Charity Law Association.

Protecting women and girls with disability
Elizabeth Broderick and Graeme Innes, The Drum

Australian women and girls with disabilities are twice as likely as women and girls without disabilities to experience violence throughout their lives, yet this has remained largely outside public debate.

Colin Barnett interview: Can Canberra meet Disability commitment?
Michelle Grattan, The Conversation

Western Australian Liberal premier Colin Barnett has signalled that a major blowout in the estimated cost of the national disability scheme will be a main issue for Tony Abbott’s first Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting next month.

National Disability Awards 2013
Ramp Up, ABC

Well it's that time of year again. In the lead up to International Day of People with Disability, the National Disability Awards were announced at Parliament House last night.

Does participation in extracurricular activities reduce engagement in risky behaviours in adolescents?
Child Family Community Australia

This working paper from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research looks at the influence of participation in extracurricular activities on the behaviours of Australian adolescents. The research found that while participation does significantly reduce engagement in risky behaviours, the effects differ according to activity type, gender, and to an extent socio-economic status.

Guidelines needed on gambling addictions
Tom McCarthy, The Age

Over the past two decades, the level of gambling activity in Victoria has experienced a sharp and sustained rise, largely due to a relaxing of the regulatory environment, and aided by advances in gambling technologies. Unsurprisingly, this rapid evolution continues to bring novel challenges for various facets of our community, not least our justice system.

Offshore processing centres are no place for asylum seeker children
Jane McAdam, The Conversation

Recent reports that three asylum seeker children have been transferred from Nauru back to Australia because of concerns about their health raises a more fundamental question that lies at the heart of Australia’s international legal obligations and decision-making. Can offshore processing in Nauru or Papua New Guinea ever be in a child’s best interests?

Government by the old, for the old?
Rodney Tiffen, Inside Story

An older electorate complicates and probably narrows the options the federal government has for dealing with an ageing society. For evidence, look no further than the Howard government. Faced with what he saw as the policy imperatives of the demographic change, treasurer Peter Costello frequently said that the federal government needed to curb overly generous benefits for the elderly. But John Howard, responding to what he saw as an electoral imperative, believed that these people were the key to the Coalition’s re-election and needed to be given more, not fewer, handouts.

64 Questions – Are Charities at the Bottom of the Pile?
David Crosbie, Pro Bono News

On the 6th November the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer made a joint announcement about 92 unlegislated and unresolved tax and superannuation issues.

Decisions were made about 28 of these measures, but the rest were to be reviewed over a period of two weeks “with a predisposition not to proceed with the remaining 64 measures”.

Community grants: a quick guide to key Internet links
Matthew Thomas, Australian Parliamentary Library

This guide provides links to selected sources of financial assistance to community groups. It does not include links to scholarships, fellowships or research grants.

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