Daily News - Thursday 3 April 2014

Posted 3 April 2014 10:55am

Both the Government and Opposition reject calls for a hike in the GST

Jennifer Rajca, Herald Sun

Members of both the Abbott Government and Labor have this morning dismissed Dr Martin Parkinson’s suggestion that the GST should be broadened to more areas, such as health care.


838,100 new jobs, but few with blue collars

Greg Jericho, The Drum

Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be added to the Australian economy over the next five years, but that's of small comfort to workers in the declining mining and manufacturing sectors


NFPs Demand Social Housing Reform

Pro Bono News

An investment in 800 additional social housing units a year is urgently required to address Victoria’s worsening housing situation for people on low incomes, according to seven Victorian peak bodies working in housing affordability.

In what has been described as an unprecedented move, the peak bodies have come together to release a plan for social housing reform in Victoria - Making Social Housing Work.


Church honours market over Gospel in abuse cases

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

It seems most Sydney Church leaders did not see Ellis primarily as a vulnerable person to whom they should reach out in compassion, but as a threat to the financial wellbeing of the Church. Even though it was recognised that he had been abused by a Catholic priest, the callous treatment he received was inspired by the desire to avoid large payouts. These leaders effectively accepted that human worth can be measured by economic price.


Quality childcare requires regulation

Wendy McCarthy, The Drum

We must not turn back the clock on the quality framework for early learning. Arguing that childcare deregulation supports feminism ignores the history of the issue, writes Wendy McCarthy.

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