Daily News - Thursday 5 December 2013

Posted 5 December 2013 9:21am

UK Charity Regulator Under Fire

ProBono Australia

The UK’s charity regulator has come under fire for not being tough enough on charities in an annual national audit of its operations.

Joe Hockey gets help from Greens over debt

Mark Kenny and Peter Martin, The Sydney Morning Herald

Joe Hockey has reached an extraordinary last-minute deal with the Greens - once dubbed ''economic fringe dwellers'' by the government - to scrap Australia's $300 billion borrowing limit.

Farmers aid cash 'of little help'

Brad Thomson, The West Australian

Cash-strapped WA farmers will not be allowed to use money from a $50 million Federal Government financial support package to buy fodder or chemicals to help put in a crop.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen criticises Greens and Government over deal to scrap debt ceiling

ABC News

Labor has accused both the Greens and the Government of hypocrisy over a new deal to scrap the debt ceiling.

Refugees lose ongoing protection as Scott Morrison caps Permanent Protection Visas

Emma Griffiths, ABC News

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is defending his decision to prevent any more asylum seekers from obtaining ongoing protection in Australia.

Pollies falling into trap of being too specific on promises: Barnett

Gareth Parker, The West Australian

Colin Barnett says politicians have "fallen into the trap" of being "too specific" about election promises before they are in possession of all the relevant information.

Same-sex marriage bill: Christians vow to fight on if High Court allows equality in ACT

Peter Jean and Lisa Cox, The Canberra Times

A High Court ruling in favour of the ACT's same-sex marriage scheme may not bring political debate over the law to an end.

TPVs: ineffective, wasteful, cruel

Jane McAdam, The Sydney Morning Herald

Temporary protection visas do not deter asylum seekers - that's a fact.

Sweet and sour in Pope's exhortation

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

Evangelism and evangelisation are often turn-off words in church conversation. All churches commend the importance of sharing faith with others. 

Before raising the pension age to 70, tackle discrimation among employers

Susan Ryan, The Sydney Morning Herald

Recently we have heard much discussion and news reporting about the Productivity Commission and Grattan Institute proposal to raise the age at which we can qualify for an age pension from 67 to 70 years.

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