Daily News - Thursday 7 November 2013

Posted 7 November 2013 9:11am

Job market tips the right course for migrants

John Ferguson, The Australian

SKILLED migrants who are immediately taught and mentored on how to negotiate the Australian job market and workplace culture face dramatically higher chances of being employed in their chosen field.

Hockey rejects $3b of tax due from Labor plans

Tom Allard, The Age

The Coalition has blown a $3 billion hole in the budget after announcing it would abandon or amend tax initiatives that would have cracked down on wealthy superannuants, multinationals and those who claim large ''self-education'' expenses.

Labor says Joe Hockey's super changes show Coalition's 'twisted values'


The Opposition has labelled the Government's decision to end the super co-contribution for low-income earners while scrapping a 15 per cent tax on super earnings over $100,000 as deeply unfair.

No school classes for asylum seekers

Paige Taylor, The Australian

MORE than 230 asylum-seeker children detained indefinitely on Christmas Island will not go to school on the Australian territory, but will have lessons at or near their compounds using contractors with qualifications in teaching English to foreigners.

Queensland school chaplains' job description includes converting students to Christianity, but education department says they can't

Tanya Chilcott, The Courier Mail

SCHOOL chaplains are told they have to connect students with churches - given parental or caregiver permission - despite a ban on them evangelising or trying to convert children in state schools.

Cackling geese and taxes

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

Whenever public funds are made available for frowned upon projects they are described as taxpayers' money. The phrase rightly suggests that public funds are collected for the good of society, and so should not be spent wastefully or arbitrarily. 

Councils opt for NIMBY approach on growth

Jane-Frances Kelly and Paul Donegan, The Age

Planning Minister Matthew Guy announced new rules in March giving power to local councils to plan how and where new housing is built in their area. So far so good. Everyone agrees that while new housing is needed as Melbourne continues to grow, development must respond to the character of local communities.


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