Daily News - Tuesday 1 April 2014

Posted 1 April 2014 9:30am

Federal budget: Joe Hockey warns of wide-ranging cuts, says all must do 'heavy lifting'
Emma Griffiths, ABC

Treasurer Joe Hockey has signalled wide-ranging cuts to come in the May federal budget, warning that all Australians will have to do the "heavy lifting".

The Government has just received the final report of the Commission of Audit - a document set to guide the drafting of the Government's first budget.


Treasurer Joe Hockey’s Budget cuts will be painful but necessary
Editorial, Courier Mail

... as our exclusive Galaxy poll illustrated yesterday, when people are confronted with some of the consequences of “tough Budget” reality they are not so keen for cuts. A clear majority of voters did not want cuts to health or education – two areas where the Government is looking for savings.

Mr Hockey acknowledged the apparent contradiction of people wanting the Government to balance the books while protecting services when he said it was a natural response for people to reject a simple proposition on “receiving less welfare”.


Nightmare at Treasury Place: only 34 per cent of people would support the Government slashing welfare spending, new Galaxy Poll reveals

Treasurer Joe Hockey is facing a budget nightmare with an overwhelming majority of voters calling for welfare spending to be spared the axe despite new warnings from Treasury that he may have to cut even deeper.

An exclusive Galaxy Poll commissioned by the Daily Telegraph has revealed only 34 per cent of people would support the Government slashing welfare spending as part of its austerity drive.


NFP ‘Relief’ Over Homelessness Funding
Pro Bono News

Not for Profit peak bodies and homelessness service provider organisations across Australia have expressed relief at the Coalition Government’s decision to re-commit to the National Partnership Agreement on Housing (NPAH) for another 12 months.


WA signs on to the NDIS
Tom Iggulden, Lateline, ABC

With Western Australia coming on board with the NDIS the Prime Minister announced national trials of the scheme but meanwhile Treasurer Joe Hockey is warning that everyone is going to have to shoulder some of the burden of the May budget.


Minister for Disabilities commits to full delivery of NDIS
Sarah Ferguson, 7.30, ABC

Minister for Aged Care and Disabilities Senator Mitch Fifield says all Coalition Senators and members are committed to the full delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Abbott gives states free rein on NDIS
Paul Osborne, AAP

Prme Minister Tony Abbott says he accepts the states want to run disability services their own way.


Fix work for the dole, say bosses
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian ($)

One of the nation’s biggest business groups has called on the ­Abbott government to redesign its promised full-time work for the dole scheme to include a training component, arguing that youth unemployment is becoming a crisis that needs a radical ­national solution.

In a pre-budget blueprint, Learning to work — a helping hand for young Australians, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that ­despite the tight fiscal situation and expectations of widespread cuts in the May budget, it is “imperative” that support funding is maintained to help young Australians learn to work.


Govt Launches Next Step to Employment Reform
Pro Bono News

The national peak body for Not for Profits that assist unemployed people into work has claimed a win after the Federal Government announced reforms that would reduce paperwork for the employment sector.

The reforms follow red tape cuts announced by Assistant Minister of Employment Luke Hartsuyker last November, which included extending the timeframe providers have to lodge certain claims and abolishing the need for providers to retain copies of their records.

In this second round of reforms, Jobs Services Australia providers will no longer need to collect documentary evidence from Employers or job seekers to verify a person’s employment.


'Stranger' view
Paul Dobbyn, Catholic Leader

THE “astounding discovery” that at least 50 per cent of Catholics in a recent survey didn’t have an opinion on the issue of asylum seekers and refugees has led to the publication of a pamphlet on the Church’s teaching on the issue.


North West grieving for Bishop Michael Putney
ABC Brisbane

Townsville Bishop Michael Putney was well -loved in the North West.

He has died, aged 67, after living with stomach cancer for the last 18 months.

Father Mick Lowcock is from Catholic Church in Mount Isa, he told Elly Bradfield What Bishop Michael means to the North West and explained what happens now.


Catholic Church pays abuse compensation from interest on grants
Dan Box and Justine Ferrari, The Australian

Child sex abuse victims are being compensated out of interest the Catholic Church earns from investing the billions of dollars it receives in government grants for schools.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has received evidence from a church whistleblower suggesting at least one Catholic diocese ultimately profits from interest received on state and commonwealth government education grants.


The Religion of the Humble? Cardinal Pell and the Peril of Institutional Atheism
Scott Stephens, ABC

Prior to entering the conclave that would elect him as Bishop of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the opportunity to warn his brother Cardinals against succumbing to an "evil which is so grave" - that of spiritual worldliness. This admittedly strange term was not Bergoglio's at all, but rather comes from the remarkable final meditation of Henri de Lubac's book, The Splendour of the Church.


Labor needs the Liberal Left
John Warhurst, Eureka Street

Australian politics at the moment makes it all the more important that the Liberal Left speaks out. Call them what you like — social Liberals, moderates, progressives, centrists — the left of that party represents a distinctive strand in Australian politics. But they are very quiet at the moment while the voice of the Liberal Right is loud and confident.

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