Daily News - Tuesday 10 December 2013

Posted 10 December 2013 9:23am

The gift of giving, really giving, at Christmas

Sally Ayhan, WA Today

One of my most memorable Christmases growing up was when my parents took my brothers and I to the Wayside Chapel in Sydney's Kings Cross. 

Family help remains a relative plus for childcare

Rick Morton, The Australian

CHILDCARE is a necessity for Sydney mother of two Gisella Edwards, but she feels "blessed" that she can rely on her father and sister to care for her children instead of battling for a place in a formal centre.

Church ignored priest's 'sex cult'

Dan Box, The Australian

A CATHOLIC priest created a "cult-like group" of teenage girls, fathering a child with one while telling another girl he was terminally ill and she "needed to have sex with him before he died".

Three asylum seekers, including toddler, die on way to Christmas Island

Michael Bachelard, The Age

Three would-be asylum seekers, including a toddler, were killed off the coast of Java on Monday when their wooden fishing vessel sank on the way to Christmas Island.

A bad Christmas for refugees

Kerry Murphy, Eureka Street

Last week asylum seekers had a small win only to have it snatched away, and then were confronted by a more serious attack. 

What’s going on with the Abbott government?

Shaun Carney, The Conversation

For every opposition, the prospect of taking office – attaining politics’ ultimate prize, often after years of hard grind – can be relied upon to drown out the little noises of self-doubt and self-criticism that lurk inside the head of any reasonable politician.

The next generation of farmers must step forward

Dan Tehan, The Drum

If the family farm is going to survive, the younger generations will have to rise to the challenge with innovation and ingenuity.

Labor's bucket of blame and non-stop negativity

Peter Reith, The Drum

Labor has form on negative tactics in opposition, and kids itself that it is simply giving Abbott his own medicine. 

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