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Posted 11 March 2014 9:19am



Gender, culture and class collude in violence against women

Anatasia Powell, The Conversation

Violence against women remains a significant issue globally and in Australian society. One in three women in Australia experience physical violence and almost one in five experience sexual violence in their lifetime. While victims of violence come from all walks of life, some women are disproportionately vulnerable.

Shift in Church's tone raises victims' hopes


Cardinal George Pell is being examined over his role in the Church's response to sex abuse claims, but today saw a shift in the Church's language, raising victims' hopes for fair compensation.

What Minister Morrison is giving up for Lent

Kerry Murphy, Eureka Street

When I was young, I remember being encouraged to give up lollies or chocolate for Lent. Always a good idea, until Easter Sunday ruined the diet.

Smoke and mirrors with red-tape ghosts

Peter Martin, The Sydney Morning Herald

Forget the blitz on useless legislation. Spare a thought for those really tied up in knots.

Abbott’s paid parental leave will do little to bring women to the workforce

Greg Jericho, The Guardian

Increased spending on childcare – more likely to be effective – to be curbed while prime minister throws money at costly scheme.

What's prompted Abbott's sudden drying out?

Mungo MacCallum, The Drum

Our Prime Minister appears to have lurched further to the right and is bent on taking a hardline economic approach, but what has prompted this sudden drying out?

Charities Act Safe for Now - Opposition

ProBono News

Federal Opposition says the Not for Profit sector has gained a short-term win after the Coalition Government abandoned its attempt to delay the start of the Charities Act. 

Lost jobs cost budget $600m

Mark Kenny, The Sydney Morning Herald

Large job losses since the Abbott government came to power could cost taxpayers more than $600 million in extra dole payments and income tax not paid.

For these gifts we are about to receive make us truly thankful

Paul Syvret, The Courier Mail

Tax breaks for churches of all manner of denominations, some of them very big business enterprises in their own right, cost the Australian Budget billions of dollars a year in foregone revenue.

More people talking about mental health

Orygen Youth Health Research Centre and University of Melbourne, The Conversation

People who suffer from mental health problems are now more willing to disclose their experiences, according to a recent study.

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