Daily News - Tuesday 17 December 2013

Posted 17 December 2013 9:19am

More 'couch-surf' as homelessness surges

Caroline Schelle, The Age

"Couch surfing" is on the rise in Australia with a new report finding that people staying with friends and family on fold-outs has increased by 26 per cent.

Cory Bernardi tells Malcolm Turnbull: stop advocating same-sex marriage or quit frontbench

Latika Bourke, The ABC

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has called on former Liberal leader and current Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stop publicly advocating gay marriage or quit the ministry.

Autistic boy's family appeals to Scott Morrison

Julie Hare, The Australian

A BANGLADESHI family with an autistic son is waiting for the federal Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to personally intervene in their case after they were refused permanent residency because of the son's medical condition. 

Students with and without disability: it’s always better when we’re together

Kathy Cologan, The Conversation

Those are not the words of a mother during Apartheid in South Africa or someone labelled “untouchable” living under a caste system. They are the words of an Australian mother whose son has been labelled “disabled”. This mother is participating in some of my current research.

Federal payments to help hire long-term unemployed to start earlier


The Federal Government has brought forward incentive payments for Tasmanian employers who hire the long-term jobless.

The Coalition's budget decisions are all its own

Chris Berg, The Drum

Getting the budget under control is the central task that Tony Abbott was elected to perform, and he can't blame Labor for the decisions he makes in today's budget update.

Cash-strapped Melbourne home owners battle to pay mortgages


CASH-strapped families in Essendon have the highest level of missed mortgage repayments in the state.

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