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Posted 17 June 2014 8:37am

Desperate kids seek mental health help
The Chronicle

One of the most extensive reports into the issues affecting young people shows mental health is the main concern of Australian children and young people.

The Kids Helpline Overview 2013 - a summary of the key issues affecting young people in Australia last year - found family relationships, emotional wellbeing, suicide-related concerns and dating and partner relationships were also major concerns.


Unique approach needed for farmers' mental health
Nick Fogarty, ABC, Goulburn Murray

In March 2011 Alison Fairleigh decided it was time to start the Twitter hashtag #RuralMH.

Just over three years later, the rural mental health advocate is delighted with the discussion it has generated around rural mental health, particularly in remote locations.

"For example people on cattle properties in the Kimberley's and in far west Queensland where we would not normally have the opportunity to reach these people," she said.


Mental health on Nats agenda
Roderick Makim, The Land

Mental health was a strong issue at the NSW National Party conference this afternoon, but not all motions about the issue have carried.

The Young Nationals started with a call to the federal government to introduce a mental health portfolio, separate from the existing health portfolio.

Felicity Walker from the Young Nationals said this would give mental health the prominence it deserved, considering the suicide rates among people under 30, particularly in rural areas.


Time to man up on mental health across Wyndham
Laura Michell, Wyndam Star Weekly

Luke Wenlock and Chris McMinn are on a mission to get Wyndham men to discuss their mental health.

The pair, who are heavily involved in local sports clubs, have organised a community night at which health professionals and sports identities will share tips for dealing with everything from stress to depression.


Sport is helping Melton’s migrant families find a way to get involved in the community
Ami Humpage, Leader

Sport is opening doors for Melton’s migrant youth to make friends and interact in their new communities.

Through the Team Assimilated Basketball and Soccer Program, funded by the Department­ of Immigration and Citizenship and the CatholicCare­ Settlement Program, African children aged eight to 16 are joining local teams.


Queensland - Encouraging kids with disabilities to plan for future
Elly Bradfield, ABC Brisbane

The classroom has changed a lot over the years, now the expectations kids are facing are huge.

When they get to grade 10 they have to fill out what's called a set plan to try and work out what they want to do and how they'll get there.

But for some kids with disabilities those set plans don't have a whole lot on them.

Centacare's My future: My life program puts a small amount of money on the table for those kids to try and get them thinking about what's possible.


NSW - Claims Baird government has abandoned the homeless
Daily Examiner

The State Government has come under fire this afternoon over claims it has abandoned more than 80 homelessness services operating in New South Wales.

An analysis by the NSW Opposition has uncovered that many services, which have helped the most vulnerable in our communities for decades, will be forced to close their doors as a result of the Liberal Government's 'Going Home, Staying Home' program.


Victoria - Berry Street’s Anita Pell says poor foster family data due to low reimbursement, difficult children
Emma Hastings, Moreland Leader

Foster carers are leaving faster than they can be replaced because of poor reimbursement and difficult children, says a northern suburbs agency.

Data from child and family services organisation Berry Street shows 434 foster families provided care in 2013, down from 453 in 2012.

Berry Street spokeswoman Anita Pell said foster caring should become more professional so families receive better reimbursement and training, ensuring children receive better care.


Doctors Say Racist Receptionists Are Among The Health Challenges For Indigenous Australians
Chris Pash, Business Insider

The latest Medical Journal of Australia has an investigation of health issues affecting Indigenous Australians including crusted scabies, childhood obesity and lack of follow-up care.


Experiencing racism in health care: the mental health impacts for Victorian Aboriginal communities
Margaret A Kelaher, Angeline S Ferdinand and Yin Paradies, Medical Journal of Australia

Experiencing interpersonal racism in health settings is associated with increased psychological distress over and above what would be expected in other settings. This finding supports the rationale for improving cultural competency and reducing racism as a means of closing the health gap between Aboriginal and other Australians. Capitalising on this investment will require explicitly evaluating the impact of these initiatives on reducing patient experiences of racism.


Death of Beryl Watson after stay at Kempsey nursing home sparks call for aged care accreditation overhaul
Lorna Knowles, ABC

The death of a woman after receiving respite care at a New South Wales nursing home has sparked calls for an overhaul of the accreditation system for aged care facilities.

Beryl Watson died after a three-week stay at the Bupa nursing home at Kempsey in northern NSW.


Pay limits for young carers
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

Children receiving carers’ welfare payments should have their eligibility restricted and their role picked up by the national disability insurance scheme, according to the landmark McClure report.

Patrick McClure and his fellow authors are understood to be alarmed by the growing number of young people receiving carers’ allowances.


Labor says Abbott to target carers
Sky News

Labor says Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reached a new low in planning to target the many people who care for the sick, disabled and elderly.

Labor families spokeswoman Jenny Macklin said the government was targeting the welfare payments, supplements and allowance that carers relied while performing incredibly important work.


Obesity, diabetes main health concerns: COAG report
Myles Morgan, NITV News

The Council Of Australian Governments (COAG) Reform Council, chaired by former Victorian Premier John Brumby, has released its latest snapshot on the progress of the states, territories and Commonwealth against the 2008 National Health Agreement.

"You’re going to see big increases in circulatory disease issues, heart attacks and strokes. You’re going to see big increases in diabetes, so this is a big cost issue," Mr Brumby said.

The report said nearly 63 per cent of Australian adults are either overweight or obese.

"We are now one of the most overweight or obese countries in the world, it’s a rare distinction".


UK - Obesity causes disability but it is not a disability in itself
Kyle Turner, The Conversation

The European Union is debating the legality of sacking an employee on the grounds that their excess weight prevented them from doing their job – a case that has surely been approaching for years.

The Danish courts put the question to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on whether or not obesity is covered by EU legislation following a claim by child-minder Karsten Kaltoft that he was sacked for being too fat.


How Australia is advancing unfairly
John Hewson, The Age

From World War1, until about the end of the 1970s, Australia was a relatively egalitarian society, indeed, one of the most egalitarian in the world. This egalitarianism has been eroded quite dramatically ever since.

Our land of “the fair go” is disappearing.


Archive - John Hewson interview (2006)
Andrew Denton, Enough Rope, ABC

ANDREW DENTON: And as a human being? Because in that sense that you were the 'Feral Abacus', that you were somehow just this cold economist. How would you like them to see you as a human being?

JOHN HEWSON: Somebody who's quite compassionate, genuinely concerned about people, and I have always had, I guess, given my background, a sort of a missionary-type interest in helping people, helping others. I think in a country like Australia it's not so much what you do for yourself, but it's what you actually do for your community and how much you contribute that I think is an important part of living.


Greens offer counter-argument to Joe Hockey's formula on welfare
Gareth Hutchens, Simone Ziaziaris

Taxpayers have to work nearly 1½ weeks full-time every year just to pay for subsidies and tax concessions for the fossil fuel, superannuation and private health insurance industries, the Greens party says.

That figure is based on the same formula used by Treasurer Joe Hockey last week when he warned that taxpayers had to work more than four weeks every year ''just to pay for the welfare of another Australian''.


Welfare benefits a broad church
Alan Tudge, The Australian

The Australian Council of ­Social Services’ critique of the Abbott government’s “earn or learn” policy may be well-­intentioned, but it is misguided.

ACOSS fails to acknowledge that while the present system supports the vulnerable it also creates welfare dependence, just as destructive as income poverty, among thousands of capable people.


Call to pay back pensioners for $7 GP fee
Dan Harrison, The Age

Pensioners should get a pay rise to compensate them for the proposed $7 Medicare fee to shepherd the controversial measure through a hostile Senate, according to the man who restarted the debate about free healthcare.

Terry Barnes, a policy consultant who worked for Tony Abbott when he was health minister, proposed a $6 fee to see the doctor in a submission to the Commission of Audit last year.


Images of Australian youth: from symbols of hope to disposable lives
Camilla Nelson, The Conversation

If you have been listening to certain politicians you may be gripped by the rising tide of panic about a younger generation who – apparently – threaten the very fabric of our society.

... No longer understood as a resource for the future, young people are deemed to be unworthy of social rights – not even, as the budget demonstrated, Newstart allowances. They are represented as parasites on the adult world. They are deemed to be, as Zygmunt Bauman has argued, a disposable generation.


Could politics trump economics as reason for growing income inequality?

Most research examining growing income inequality in the United States has focused on economic causes, for seemingly obvious reasons.

But a new study suggests that a different cause – the politically induced decline in the strength of worker unions – may play a much more pivotal role than previously understood.

In fact, the role that union decline has played in growing income inequality may actually be larger than many of the favorite explanations offered by economists, such as the education gap in the United States.


Sentate committee report supports ACNC abolition
Report, Senate Economics Legislation Committee

The committee has considered the evidence and formed the view that the abolition of the ACNC would, as intended, relieve the regulatory burden from many charities. Furthermore, it fully endorses the establishment of a National Centre of Excellence as an advocate for the sector and a leader in innovation and as a means of providing education, training and development opportunities.


Relax; this is not a Christian government

In the lead-up to the last election campaign – which is to say, ever since before the 2010 election campaign – a common criticism of Tony Abbott and much of his front bench centred around the fact that they are apparently devout Christians and many are specifically Catholic. In the rich seam of things to be critical of the Abbott cabinet for, it’s a fairly minor detail. It was, and is, cited most by the kinds of people who get an instant hate-boner at the mention of anything resembling faith. The fear was that they would not be able to separate their religion from how they manage government. I think we can safely say now that the government has absolutely no problem keeping their Christianity out of how they conduct the affairs of the nation.

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