Daily News - Tuesday 17 September 2013

Posted 17 September 2013 9:10am

Rethink Needed on Youth Justice System
Julie Edwards, Pro Bono News

Not for Profit leaders in the youth justice system want legislative changes to increase the age of criminal responsibility and more child-specific bail principles - issues that will be flagged at a national symposium this week.

Abbott’s new Cabinet: steady as she goes
Scott Prasser, the Conversation

Prime minister-elect Tony Abbott has announced his new Cabinet and ministerial line-up. In keeping with previous Coalition and Labor governments, there will be an inner Cabinet of senior ministers and an outer ministry of junior minsters and parliamentary secretaries.

Wowsers’ snouts in the public funding trough
Nick Cater, the Australian

It is easy to look back nostalgically at the Howard government, but let us not forget that for 11 long years it did next to nothing to stop kids getting sozzled.

Coalition Gives Andrews Control of the Not for Profit Sector
Freyla Ferguson, Pro Bono News

Kevin Andrews has been named Minister for Social Services, under Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s cabinet - placing most of the control of the Not for Profit sector under one portfolio.

Foster children in danger over lack of welfare checks
Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald

Foster children in the care of the Department of Family and Community Services are in danger because thousands are not receiving the regular checks required under state government standards, a children's advocate has said.

Pro-choice paradigm lacks compassion on Zoe’s Law
Zac Alstin, Eureka Street

A NSW bill seeks to create a new offence under the Crimes Act for causing serious harm to, or the destruction of, a child in utero.


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