Daily News - Tuesday 18 February 2014

Posted 18 February 2014 9:50am



Investigate claims of burns, say voters

Mark Kenny, The Sydney Morning Herald

Two-thirds of Australian voters, including more than half of all Coalition supporters, believe claims that asylum seekers' hands were deliberately burnt by Australian border protection authorities should be investigated.

Commission of Audit should know costs but appreciate value

Jane Hall, The Conversation

The Senate Select Committee into the Commission of Audit is holding its third Hearing in Canberra today.

'I can't afford to keep doing this,' foster carer says

Beau Donelly, The Age

Fiona Hill, who is the sole foster carer of two teenage children, said government payments fell short of covering essential costs by $170 a fortnight per child, or $4420 a year.

The great corporate welfare con-versation

Chris Berg, The Drum

If 200 years of economic debates have taught us anything, it's that corporate welfare isn't a good idea.

Charities Still Waiting to be Heard?

ProBono Australia

Any doubt that charities are the little people in political discourse and national policy debates is being clearly dispelled by the Coalition Government’s continued enthusiasm for dismantling the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) writes the CEO of the Community Council for Australia, David Crosbie.

Unemployment rate same as 10 years ago, but what lies ahead is a worry

Greg Jericho, The Guardian

Australia’s economic vantage point in 2003 painted a much rosier picture than now.

South Australia election: Economy, jobs dominate leaders' debate between Jay Weatherill and Steven Marshall


The economy and jobs have dominated the first leaders' debate of the South Australian election campaign between Premier Jay Weatherill and Opposition Leader Steven Marshall.

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