Daily News - Tuesday 21 January 2014

Posted 21 January 2014 8:54am

Welfare crackdown: Government says spending 'unsustainable' at cost of $70 billion a year

Latika Bourke, The ABC

Eligibility for the dole and disability pension is likely to be made tougher as part of a federal crackdown on welfare spending that the Government says is currently at "unsustainable" levels.

Not-for-profit real estate agent wants landlords to give cheap or free rent to homeless

Simon Lauder, AM

A not-for-profit real estate agent is hoping generous landlords will provide free or low-cost rental properties to homeless people and low-income families.

Tony Abbott must grasp jobs nettle now to avoid election sting

Peter Reith, The Sydney Morning Herald

Good economic management will be a key to the government's future but it needs to act without delay, especially to address Australia's weak labour market. 

Northern mayors welcome regional settlement plan but call for careful planning and job opportunities

Steven Wardill, The Courier Mail

THE mayor of north Queensland's unofficial capital has warned an influx of migrants could create "ghettos" without the necessary employment ­opportunities.

Trading away sustainable water is a blow to rural Australia

Lee Rhiannon, The Guardian

When you start selling off water, you're winding back the small achievements that have been made to restore health to the Murray-Darling basin. Farming communities will lose out

Unrealised fringe benefits in the housing market

Leith van Onselen, The Drum

All of Australia's markets captured in a recent international survey are ranked as "unaffordable". Are restrictive land use regulations a source of the problem?

Explainer: the legal implications of ‘tow-backs’

Azadeh Dastyari, The Conversation

Australia has been engaging in “tow-backs” of asylum-seeker boats. This has involved intercepting boats carrying asylum seekers at sea, before they reach Australia, and forcing them to return to Indonesia.

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