Daily News - Tuesday 22 October 2013

Posted 22 October 2013 9:22am

What’s Leading Fundraising Practice & Innovation Worldwide?
Stephen Ellis, Pro Bono

Multichannel marketing, mobile donations and impact investment are proving a success for European Not for Profits, writes World Vision Australia Digital Channels Manager Stephen Ellis from the International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands.

Government set to announces its Commission of Audit

The government is set to announce who will conduct its national commission of audit and what they will examine.

Housing benefits flow to homeowners and the wealthy, but renters miss out
Kylar Loussikian, The Conversation

Government housing policies overwhelmingly favour home owners over renters, according to a new report compiled by the Grattan Institute. And scaling back government support would do little to impact home ownership rates.

Australia 2013: Happy, confident but not as friendly as we used to be
David Marr, The Guardian

The good news about Australians is so good. We are happy, confident and pleased with our lot. Old fears have died. Our trust in police, public education and hospitals is nearly total.

Child abuse victim unprepared for police questioning, says mother
Catherine Armitage, Sydney Morning Herald

The excited eight-year-old thought he was going to McDonald's for a treat. But his mother took him instead to Hurstville Police Station.

Protection visa sequel worse than the original
Kerry Murphy, Eureka Street

The first version of the temporary protection visa (TPV), introduced by the Howard Government, commenced on 20 October 1999 and was repealed by Labor on 9 August 2008. 

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