Daily News - Tuesday 4 March 2014

Posted 4 March 2014 9:43am



Crisis over at-risk children

Anna Patty, The Sydney Morning Herald

Almost 50,000 of the state's most vulnerable children are still not being seen by caseworkers from the Department of Family and Community Services.

Manus Island riot: G4S employee contradicts leaked PNG police report into violence at detention centre

Michael Brissenden, The ABC

An Australian employee of the G4S security firm on Manus Island says PNG police stood back and allowed locals to break into the compound last month, did nothing to stop them beating detainees, and in some cases participated in the violence and intimidation.

Patients reveal why Australians can’t afford a $6 GP fee


A WOMAN who has spent $50,000 out of her own pocket on cancer care says a proposed $6 GP fee will put healthcare further out of reach of ordinary Australians.

Why poor kids continue to do poorly in the education game

Stewart Riddle, The Conversation

We like to pretend that social class doesn’t matter in Australia, but the reality for children from low socioeconomic backgrounds paints a very different picture when it comes to education.

Immigration approved treatment for detainees without their consent

Paul Farrell, The Guardian

Department allowed medical treatment without consent 10 times since 2005 and approved force-feeding a hunger striker.

$300m childcare wage fund diverted to staff training

Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

A $300 million fund originally for increasing childcare workers' wages will be given to centre providers to spend at their discretion and at their leisure on the professional development of staff.

The welfare dependents the government loves? Rich landowners

George Monibot, The Guardian

Uncapped, almost unconditional, the vast sums of public money we give to farmers buy only destruction.

Push to cut penalty rates as rural MPs call for reform

David Crowe, The Australian

PRESSURE for workplace reform is building within the federal Coalition as regional MPs warn of risks to communities from penalty rates that drive up costs for small employers.

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