Daily News - Tuesday 8 April 2014

Posted 8 April 2014 10:40am

Youth Employment Program on the Chopping Block

Pro Bono News

The national peak body for Not for Profits that assist unemployed people into work, Jobs Australia, has  warned that the Federal Coalition Government may end funding for a specialised youth service that helps address the youth unemployment crisis in Australia. 


Teething problems do not justify cutbacks to NDIS, says peak body

Judith Ireland, Sydney Morning Herald

The head of Australia's peak body for non-government disability services says it is "too early" to call for  delays to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

National Disability Services chief executive Ken Baker says that despite a recent report that identified problems with the agency implementing the NDIS - such as an IT system that was not fit for purpose and a lack of clear guidance to staff - none of the problems were "insurmountable".


Australia-Japan agreement: Tariffs come down with historic deal

Mark Kenny, Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has secured a historic trade deal with Japan worth billions of dollars over the next 20 years, unlocking the previously impenetrable Japanese domestic market for Australian producers.


Homeless young people need the means to flourish

Andrew Hamilton, Eureka Street

Curing homelessness is not simply a matter of finding homes for disadvantaged people. With backgrounds of family dysfunction, broken schooling, physical and mental illness and addiction, homeless young people come to the attention of many government departments. For all the good will involved, the effect of piecemeal interventions is to confuse young people who feel themselves the object of care, not the subject of their own growth.


Half of all mothers experience workplace discrimination, report finds

Sydney Morning Herald

In a survey of 2000 women on parental leave – the first of its kind in Australia – the Australian Human Rights Commission found workplace discrimination was prevalent at all stages of motherhood – during pregnancy, parental leave or return to work.


Older women fall victim to crisis in homelessness

Julia May, The Age

The Productivity Commission has found that nearly 40 per cent of people experiencing income poverty are older women; women over 55 typically have less than half the superannuation of men.

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