Daily News - Wednesday 10 July 2013

Posted 10 July 2013 7:24am

Will smaller organisations survive Disability Care's changes?
7: 30, ABC

While the national disability insurance scheme, known as Disability Care, has launched, some in the industry warn that the changes are so significant that smaller disability organisations may not survive and accommodation shortages could take years to address.

Foster care agencies fear system will collapse as numbers of willing families decline
Hamish Fitzsimmons and Candice Talberg, Lateline, ABC

Agencies say the foster care system in in crisis and could collapse within five years unless it undergoes a dramatic overhaul.

Non-government foster care agencies have told Lateline that the number of people wanting to take in foster children has declined in recent years, as has support for them.

Charity group Mission Australia calls for Prime Minister to go back to old homelessness policies
Patrick Lion, Courier Mail

A leading charity has attacked Labor's handling of homeless and social housing programs and called on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to revive the initiatives he kickstarted in his first incarnation.

The billions of dollars in programs for the disadvantaged, including rental affordability and youth unemployment, are all areas Mission Australia claims have fallen into "disarray'', stalled or are in need of new policy solutions.

Note: @MissionAust tweets "Not so, header is misleading. We've asked PM to take leadership on homelessness as he did when first in role, eg: new 4 year NPAH."

Asylum seekers unlikely to receive work rights
Bianca Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

Immigration Minister Tony Burke has all but ruled out allowing impoverished asylum seekers living in the community under strict ''no advantage'' rules to work, saying it would create an incentive for people smugglers.

QLD - Singles on wrong side of poverty line: report
Katherine Feeney, The North West Star

Jobless singles in Queensland are doing it tough, while working families are enjoying a slight reprieve, a new cost-of-living report shows.

The Queensland Council of Social Services fifth annual Cost of Living Report shows that, while families are able to afford the basics, unemployed individuals are unable to afford necessities.

But QCOSS CEO Mark Henley said all low-income households would begin to feel the pain of recent hikes electricity prices, insurance stamp duties, state taxes and council rates.

Report: QCOSS Cost of Living Report Issue 3 2013

SA - Stop power cut-offs for poor: SACOSS

A key welfare agency says people struggling with high gas and electricity prices should never have their power cut off simply because they can't pay the bill.

The South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS) has called for the establishment of a third-party review mechanism to take the decision to cut off a household's power out of the hands of power companies.

Pokie reforms put pubs behind the game
Ben Westcott, The Canberra Times

... Mrs Ayson [President of the National Federation for Independent Businesses] said pubs and taverns were the missing link in stopping problem gambling.

''The owner of the tavern knows the patrons by name,'' she said. ''So if he sees Fred or Joe are putting a few too many coins in the machine, he'll just have a word in his ear.''

Mr Henry said clubs didn't have that personal connection to their customers. ''To a club, they're a number,'' he said. ''To us, it's Rob, who drinks a midi of Blonde.''

Packer’s Barangaroo Casino and the inevitablity of pokies
Francis Markham and Martin Young, The Conversation

Our recent research suggests that pokies in casinos are even more harmful than those in smaller clubs and pubs, with pokie players at the NT’s casinos reporting twice the rate of gambling problems as those in smaller venues.

UK - BIG launches £40m social impact bond fund
Vibeka Mair, Civil Society

The Big Lottery Fund has announced a new £40m fund which will support public bodies to pay social investors a return on outcomes met through social impact bonds.

The fund, commissioning better outcomes, is being launched to complement the Cabinet Office’s £20m social outcomes fund. Both funds offer top ups to public bodies to pay a social investor a return for successful delivery within a social impact bond.

UK - Intergenerational poverty – myth or reality?
Julie Nelson, NFER

Our review has found little evidence of the existence of intergenerational poverty, and much evidence that the concept is flawed. It is regrettable that those responsible for recent welfare reforms and for the development of the Child Poverty Strategy have paid so little attention to the evidence base relating to the existence of intergenerational poverty, or to the concept of a ‘culture’ of worklessness.

UK - Evidence-based policy is the most meaningless phrase in politics today
Ryan Bourne, City A.M.

I recoil whenever I see or hear a public figure use the term, because it is usually used as a device to shut down debate rather than enhance it. Yes, evidence is important. But so are underlying aims and values. That’s why we need ideas in politics just as much as data.

Charity register aims to boost transparency
Daniella Miletic, Sydney Morning Herald

An online charity register allowing Australians to compare and contrast the ways their donations are spent will improve transparency and may help mend a national reluctance to give to lesser-known charities, according to the sector's new regulator.

Could I describe you as a Catholic feminist?
Terry Lane talks to Jacinta Collins, Inside Story

Victorian Labor senator Jacinta Collins was elected deputy leader of the government in the Senate after Kevin Rudd’s recent return to the prime ministership. Given her avowed Catholic beliefs, her subsequent appointment as minister for mental health and ageing has attracted criticism.

Pope Francis' saintly politics
E.J. Dionne, Indystar.com

Pope Francis is proving himself to be a genuinely holy man, a brilliant politician and a leader who knows that reform requires a keen understanding of how creating a better future demands sophisticated invocations of the past.

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