Daily News - Wednesday 11 February 2015

Posted 11 February 2015 3:00pm

Warning to federal government over homeless funding

Jorge Branco - The Brisbane Times

A coalition of more than 50 homelessness support organisations across the country is warning 80,000 Australians could be back on the street without a new federal government funding commitment.

The organisations banded together on Monday in an unprecedented plea to Social Services Minister Scott Morrison to commit to four years of funding for the $115 million National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

National peak body Homelessness Australia led the calls, saying organisations were hamstrung as they waited for renewal of the funding, due to expire on June 30.



Closing the Gap: Indigenous health outcomes an 'embarrassment for far too long'

Sylvia Varnham O'Regan - SBS

Tony Abbott has outlined the government's aim to achieve spiritual and practical reconciliation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia at a breakfast event ahead of his annual Closing the Gap speech in Parliament.

Speaking today in Canberra, Mr Abbott said the government was committed to improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.

"There is no more important cause than ensuring Indigenous people enter fully into their rightful inheritance as the first Australians and as first-class citizens of this great country," he said.

But he admitted that Indigenous health outcomes had been an "embarrassment for far too long" and the government had "so much more to do".

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Wentworth Park’s homeless look on in despair as police and City officials seize their possessions

James Gordman - Daily Telegraph

A group of rough sleepers in Wentworth Park will soon lose what little belongings they have, after being told to pack up and remove them by City of Sydney.

Around 20 rough sleepers have until the end of February to pack up their tents, furniture, hazardous materials and other items before the belongings are forcibly removed.

The City’s move comes after public complaints about their impact on the area.

Despite adversity and hardships, some of Sydney’s most vulnerable homeless people have banded together and set up homes under the park’s viaduct.

From brightly coloured tents, plush rugs, a refrigerator and even wind vanes, they have done their best to create a home under the circumstances.

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Canberra university students 'dumpster diving' for food

Adrienne Francis - ABC News

Cash-strapped ACT university students say they are "dumpster diving" on a regular basis to find food, while support services report an increase in demand for meal vouchers.

Increasing rent and utility bills mean a rising number of young people are battling to make ends meet, despite income support payments and part-time work.

Fourth year arts student Louise Stockton said government allowances for students were not enough, and casual work did not cover the gap.

"I rely a lot on getting food to eat from my work and also dumpster diving," she said.

"That involves going out at odd hours and being as safe as you possibly can and trying to avoid shopkeepers.

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