Daily News - Wednesday 19 February 2014

Posted 19 February 2014 10:37am



Spectre of jobless recovery looms

Greg Jericho, The Drum

Strap yourselves in, even with the most optimistic outlook we will likely be waiting a long time before our unemployment rate falls back to pre-GFC levels. 

Parents call on Productivity Commission to extend childcare rebate to nannies

Norman Hermant, The ABC

Parents are urging the Productivity Commission to consider extending the childcare rebate to cover nannies.

Help farmers with direct assistance rather than subsidies

John Freebairn, The Conversation

Droughts, seasonal fluctuations, and changing commodity prices are a given and unchangeable characteristic of farming.

Pension hike sees seniors join ranks of middle class

Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

OLD-AGE pensioners are increasingly joining the ranks of the middle class, with a new study revealing the rise in the aged pension delivered by the previous government and more generous indexation arrangements have transformed their class status.

Manus Island detention centre to remain open despite fatal confrontation between asylum seekers and PNG police

Ellen Whinnett, The Herald Sun

THE Manus Island detention centre will remain open despite Monday night’s fatal confrontation between asylum seekers and PNG police.

Injured drunks should pay for hospital care says ex-Abbott adviser

Sue Dunlevy, Courier Mail

INJURED drunks and people who present to emergency departments with milk bottles inserted in their bottoms should have to contribute to the cost of their care, a former Abbott adviser says.

Toxic politics endure as Morrison gets nosy with the Navy

Ray Cassin, Eureka Street

If Australia ever gets over its obsession with deterring asylum seekers who arrive by boat, will anything linger from the toxic politics that entangle the issue?

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