Daily News - Wednesday 19 March 2014

Posted 19 March 2014 9:24am



How one refugee signalled the end of the White Australia policy

Paul Power, The Guardian

Sixty-five years ago today, Annie O’Keefe’s victory against the Australian government paved the way for the policy’s ultimate abolition. 

Fear of intimacy is at the heart of what is poisoning the Catholic Church

Stephanie Dowrick, The Sydney Morning Herald

The increasing transparency around the sexual abuse scandals within and beyond institutional Catholicism is widely welcomed. But this transparency does not go far enough.

Liberals gain ground in South Australian election

Sheradyn Holderhead, The Advertiser

The Liberal Party extended its lead in two marginal seats and clawed back some ground in six others in Tuesday’s counting of votes in the state election vote count.

Red tape cuts for business

Sid Maher, The Australian

Tony Abbott will promise to cut business and charities’ compliance costs by more than $700 million as part of the government’s red-tape repeal push, announcing the scrapping of more than 10,000 pieces of legislation and regulations across 50,000 pages.

Mixed Bag for NFPs on Red Tape Repeal Day

ProBono News

The Not for Profit sector can expect a mixed bag of changes, including legislation to abolish Australia’s charity regulator as part of the Federal Coalition Government’s Repeal Day bid to scrap more than 9000 regulations to cut red tape. 

Immigration ordered asylum seeker children out of Victorian schools at 18

Jane Lee and Benjamin Preiss, The Age

Asylum seekers reportedly were kicked out of Victorian schools when they turned 18 last year, on the advice of the Immigration Department.

What is a ‘classical liberal’ approach to human rights?

Catherine Renshaw, The Conversation

Tim Wilson, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, has announced that he will take a “classical liberal” approach to human rights. There is a fair degree of confusion about what this means.

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