Daily News - Wednesday 2 April 2014

Posted 2 April 2014 10:45am

Why Australians must pay to plug Government’s budget hole

Jessica Irvine, Daily Telegraph

This is not a drill: Australia faces its longest run of budget red ink in history unless urgent remedial action is taken in the May budget.


Joe Hockey faces $60bn budget hole

David Uren, The Australian ($)

Savings of more than $60 billion a year will have to be found by 2023-24 for the Abbott ­government to reach its surplus target, according to the Commission of Audit, which presented a bleaker outlook for tax revenue than was contained in the midyear budget update.


Calls for renewed funding as figures reveal suicide rate highest in 10 years

ABC news

The Federal Government is being urged to renew funding for suicide prevention programs across Australia, with the latest figures revealing suicide rates are at a 10-year high.


In Defense of the National Rental Affordability Scheme

Opinion: Pro Bono News

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is not a saviour on its own, but is a vital component of solving Australia’s housing supply and affordable rental crisis, writes NFP expert Adrian Pisarski and Graham Wolfe from the Housing Industry Association.


Asylum seekers transferred to remote detention centre day before court case

Matthew Knott, The Sydney Morning Herald

A lawyer representing the asylum seekers has accused the Department of Immigration of interfering with the judicial process by transferring 83 asylum seekers from Villawood detention centre to the Curtin detention centre.


Looming cut in preschool entitlements defies all evidence

Susan Krieg, The Conversation

The recent announcement by assistant education minister Sussan Ley that the 15-hour preschool entitlement introduced by the ALP in 2013 may be wound back to 12 hours signals a worrying trend in Australian early childhood care and education policy.These decisions pre-empt a Productivity Inquiry report, which is due in July, and raise questions about the basis for such significant change.


Measuring the Invisible Value of Volunteering

Pro Bono News Australia

The economic and social value of community-based organisations and volunteering in Australia is being underestimated, according to a group of University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) researchers.

The researchers say services are being measured only by their short-term, dollar replacement value rather than the longer-term and multilayered contributions of Not for Profit organisations.

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