Daily News - Wednesday 22 January 2014

Posted 22 January 2014 9:03am

Human Rights Watch annual report says Australia's record damaged by treatment of asylum seekers

Lisa Millar, The ABC

New York-based Human Rights Watch has criticised Australia in its annual world report, saying it has damaged its record by persistently undercutting refugee protections.

It's hard to feel dignified in underpaid work

Stella Young, The ABC

The Federal Government has threatened to crack down on Disability Support Pension recipients, but it's hard to earn a living while being paid less than $2 an hour, writes Stella Young.

Fears Newstart cuts will plunge most vulnerable into poverty

Nick Toscano, The Sydney Morning Herald

As his hunt for a job closes in on a year, John Keevins has learnt to lower his expectations.  The former teacher had started out searching for full-time work, but now would be happy with two or three part-time jobs instead.

Coalition cuts funding for vulnerable youth program Operation Newstart

Konrad Marshall, Benjamin Preiss, The Age

The leader of an early intervention program for vulnerable youths is seeking legal advice to save the project from closing down, after the Abbott government backed away from distributing crucial grant money promised by the former Labor government.

Australian Navy accused of beating, burning asylum seekers on boat

George Roberts, The ABC

Asylum seekers have accused the Australian Navy of beating them and inflicting burns by ordering passengers onboard a boat being towed back to Indonesia to hold on to parts of the engine.

Half of teens outgrow depression and anxiety

Fron Jackson-Webb, The Conversation

Around half of teens who experience a brief episode of depression or anxiety do not go on to have a mental illness in adulthood, according to a study from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Kevin Andrews to target dole and disability payments

Jonathon Swan and Dan Harrison, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Abbott government will exclude the age pension and family tax benefits from its review of Australia's welfare system, with Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews indicating he will target unemployment benefits and disability pensions.

The war on asylum seekers

Justin Glynn, Eureka Street

The current dispute with Indonesia over border incursions by the Australian Navy is symptomatic of a deeper problem — the militarisation of political discourse. 

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