Daily News - Wednesday 23 October 2013

Posted 23 October 2013 8:58am

NSW bushfires: minister urges residents to leave Blue Mountains
Megan Levy, The Sydney Morning Herald

Rain that fell overnight on four major bushfires burning in the Blue Mountains and the southern highlands actually hampered firefighting efforts, authorities said, as strengthening winds had already ramped up to 70km/h early on Wednesday morning.


Australia not meeting obligations to asylum seekers: report

Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National

Australia's treatment of asylum seekers is back in focus after the Abbott Government directed public servants to refer to them as "illegals" and "detainees".


Police on hand on Christmas Island as arrivals learn fate

Paige Taylor and Paul Maley

EXTRA guards and federal police officers have been sent to the Christmas Island detention centre as authorities brace for a backlash, with asylum-seekers due to be told today they will stay on the territory indefinitely.


A deafening silence: the media’s response to asylum secrecy

Denis Muller, The Conversation

It is remarkable how complacent Australia’s media has been in response to the federal government’s brazenly cynical suppression of information about asylum seeker boat arrivals. There were a few indignant editorials and then the circus moved on.


Abbott is benefiting from selective amnesia
Ross McMullin, The Age

Now that federal Labor has chosen its leader and its frontbench, it has to clarify its policy positions on a number of significant issues.


Borrowing limit to hit $500bn after spike in peak debt

Sid Maher, The Australian

NATIONAL debt will peak about $30 billion higher than expected barely a month ago as a continuing slowdown hits budget revenue and the government prepares to ask parliament to raise the debt ceiling to a record $500 billion.


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