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McClure speaks to AM about welfare review

ABC News - (Video)

The former Mission Australia head Patrick McClure speaks to the AM program after handing down his review into the welfare system.

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New report calls for radical welfare overhaul

Judith Ireland - The SMH

Australia's $150 billion welfare system should be radically simplified to include just five primary payments, with upfront investment in people at risk of long-term unemployment, a major review has recommended.

The review, ordered by the Abbott government in 2013, also recommends personalised "Passports to Work" to tell welfare recipients how their payments will change if they start work or increase their hours, to reduce people's fear about taking a job.

The final report of the review conducted by former Mission Australia head Patrick McClure was released on Wednesday, noting that "many" people on the dole would be better off under the new system.

It also stressed there should be measures in place to make sure "no individual moving from the old system to the new system will experience a reduction in their rate of payment".

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison praised the report as "very useful" and "visionary" but noted it provided a framework for change in the long-term, not in the next few years.

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Radical changes flagged in welfare review

Ebony Bowden  - The New Daily

A radical overhaul of Australia’s welfare system has been flagged in a new government review, with plans to slash the current 77 types of payments to just five.

The five primary payments would include an age pension, working age payment, supported living pension, carer payment and child and youth payment.

The Coalition government called for the review in December 2013 after they deemed the current welfare system unsustainable and costly.

According to the ABC, lead author former Mission Australia boss Patrick McClure was asked to find ways to save money and encourage more people to return to work.

The current welfare system is reported to cost $150 billion annually.

The government is now considering the recommendations and changes will be included in the upcoming May budget.

The disability support pension has been flagged for an overhaul as part of the plan, with suggestions it should change to a supporting living pension based on the recipient’s capacity to work.

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Govt considers major welfare reform

9 News

Australia's ballooning welfare system will get worse unless the government cuts payments and ensures young people don't rely on the dole.

That's the message from the man who headed a major review of the $150 billion social security system.

The government is considering former Mission Australia boss Patrick McClure's advice to simplify the system and reduce the number of welfare payments to just five.

Under the plan there would be a tiered working-age payment, supported living pension, child and youth payment, carer payment and the age pension.

Young people won't qualify for welfare payments until they reach age 22.


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